Smriti Irani’s reply to Mamta and Mahua

BJP has one answer to many questions – Smriti Irani. He is also the answer of Rahul Gandhi, so is the answer of Mamta Banerjee and her MP Mahua Moitra. Then BJP sent Smriti Irani to inaugurate Sealdah metro station in West Bengal. Otherwise there was no reason why the Minister of Women and Child Development should be sent as the chief guest in the program of Railways. Controversy was already going on regarding this program. The Trinamool Congress alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s name was not included in the guests of the railway program. Angered, Mamta went to Darjeeling. Instead of inaugurating Sealdah metro station, he attended the oath ceremony of Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

On the other hand, along with inaugurating the station, Smriti Irani also raised the issue of ongoing controversy regarding Maa Kali. He said that action should be taken against those who have insulted Maa Kali. It is worth noting that Mamta’s MP Mahua Moitra is also embroiled in the controversy that started over the poster of the documentary titled Kali. So, BJP has fielded Smriti Irani to answer them. Like Mamta and Mahua, they are also firebrand leaders. BJP has put forward many actresses and firebrand women in Bengal, but instead of them, Smriti Irani is answering. It also seems that the state BJP leaders do not speak against Mamta beyond a limit.

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