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Sleeping Tips In HindiIn today’s busy life, most of the people are worried about sleeping tips. People have the problem that they are not able to sleep at night, or come very late. Even after a whole day’s fatigue, many people keep turning their sides throughout the night to get sleep. Not getting enough sleep for 7 to 8 hours has many side effects. One, you will not feel fresh the next day, and due to lack of sleep, many changes take place in the body. Which leads you to disease. Often the problem of headache is seen more due to lack of sleep. So come, today we will tell you effective ways to get sleep, by adopting which you will get good and deep sleep-

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1- First of all, you have to decide your sleeping and waking time. For several days, when you follow the right time to sleep and wake up, then gradually your brain itself will start giving signals to sleep at your bedtime.

2- If you like darkness, then try to have a dark room in your room.

3- Keep in mind that sunlight comes in the room with clean air. Due to which the mind becomes light and relaxed.

4- By taking out time, you do yoga or meditation. Depression is a major cause of sleep deprivation these days. You will get rid of this problem with yoga and meditation.

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5- Avoid sleeping in the afternoon or at any time unnecessarily. Sleeping during the day can also be a reason for not sleeping at night.

6- Eat food about two hours before bedtime. And take a little walk. Due to this you will get good sleep and there will be no problem of acidity etc.

7- You can also listen to some light and relaxing music before sleeping.

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8- The most important thing is that you stay away from the mobile while sleeping. Set alarm etc. in mobile and keep it away. If you want to see a little something, still do not touch the mobile by controlling yourself. Seeing once means interrupting your sleep.

9- Keep in mind that do not consume tea or coffee before sleeping. Yes, you can definitely consume turmeric milk before sleeping.

10- You can also try Shavasana to get good and deep sleep. On the net you will find methods of shavasana. By adopting which you can get rid of this problem.


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