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Sir, the trouble of the government

A mass movement has started in the whole country against the new Agneepath scheme announced by the Modi government. This movement is for the youth seeking employment. It is different from the movement of farmers and Muslims. Those movements were limited to certain sections of the people of the country. It is above caste, religion, language and occupation. It includes youth of all castes, religions, languages, regions and occupations. It does not even have a sure leader, who can be silenced by persuasion.

This movement is spontaneous. Obviously, the root cause of this spontaneous movement is that the youth have misunderstood about it. They are understanding that if 75 percent of the recruited soldiers are removed after 4 years, then they will not be anywhere. Neither they will get new job easily nor they are going to get pension etc. I had mentioned this apprehension in my article the day before.

Due to this, the movement has erupted all over the country. Trains have stopped, roads have been closed and arsons are also taking place. Many youths have been injured and arrested. A young man has also committed suicide. This movement can prove to be more dangerous than all the previous movements, because most of the agitators are young people whose relatives, friends or neighbors are already in the Indian Army. Even those soldiers cannot remain untouched by this movement.

In order to cool down this Agneepath scheme a bit, the age of recruitment has been increased from seven and a half years to 21 years, now it has been increased to 23. This is a relief but it also has a side effect that being unemployed after four years i.e. at the age of 27 can prove to be more harmful than before. It is true that the government will give about Rs.12-12 lakh to 75 percent of the youth who leave the army after 4 years. And they will also get priority in government jobs.

But the real question is, hasn’t the Modi government committed the same mistake in this matter, which it has been committing one after the other in the last eight years? As soon as the government was formed in 2014, it promulgated a land acquisition ordinance, suddenly declared demonetisation, enacted agricultural laws and got bogged down in the affairs of neighboring countries several times.

This proves that she dares to take a number of patriotic steps under the guidance of bureaucrats, but she does not give any weed to the steps which are to have a real effect. It is forgetting that it is a government of democracy. It is not the sultanate of any emperor that whatever he did, all the courtiers said ‘Ji Huzoor’!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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