SIM will remain in your phone but criminals can empty your bank account

How to Secure Bank Account: We register our mobile number with our bank account, so that when we need to do digital transactions, they can be done easily. The biggest role in this is that of the mobile SIM card, whose number is registered in your bank account. Whenever you do a transaction, OTP is sent to you by the concerned bank. Through the same OTP, you are able to do transactions from your bank account.

Now imagine what will happen if someone gets your SIM card. If he wants, he can transfer the entire money of your bank account to anyone. In this way your bank account will be in danger of being empty, for how to avoid this danger, we are telling you some tips here. Many times cyber hackers can find out your number and make another SIM of your number. This is called sim cloning. If someone else clones your SIM card, your phone’s network will be gone.

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If ever you feel that there is no network in your phone, then go to the settings of your phone and search for the network. Also, make sure that where you are, the network of the concerned telecom operator comes or not. If it does not come then it does not matter and if this problem is only with you then it can be a problem for you.

Some mobile network operators send SMS to the customers to alert them about the SIM swap. Which means you can take action and stop this fraud from happening. For this you have to contact your mobile network operator immediately.

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In case of continuous unknown calls on your phone, do not switch off your phone, just do not answer them. This could be a trick to trick you into turning your phone off or on silent so that you don’t know that your phone’s connectivity has been tampered with.

Register for alerts, so that you get alerted if there is any activity on your bank account. Always check your bank statements and online banking transaction history regularly to help you spot any errors.

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