Sidhu will be punished, will have to go to jail!

New Delhi, Former state president of Congress party and former MP Navjot Singh Sidhu has got a big setback from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, while changing its old verdict, has sentenced Sidhu in a 34-year-old case. The Supreme Court has sentenced Sidhu to one year’s rigorous imprisonment. Some 34 years ago, in an incident of road rage, an elderly man was attacked by Sidhu, in which the old man lost his life. Sidhu was acquitted by the trial court in this case but the high court had sentenced him to three years.

Later, the Supreme Court released Sidhu after imposing a fine of Rs. But after four years, the Supreme Court reversed its decision and sentenced Sidhu to one year in prison. In this case, he may have to go to jail. Keep in mind that Sidhu was defeated in the assembly elections held in Punjab in February-March and after that he had to step down from the post of state Congress president. Now he has also been sentenced to one year.

However, Sidhu was involved in an anti-inflation program at the time of the verdict on Thursday. Earlier it was discussed that he would surrender in the Supreme Court on Thursday itself. So he returned to Patiala half way on his way to Amritsar. It is now said that his lawyers have advised him to file a curative petition against the sentence. The decision to surrender will be taken only after this petition is filed. However, legal experts believe that if the Supreme Court has changed its four-year-old decision and punished them, then they will have to go to jail.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, Sidhu tweeted and said that he accepts the decision of the law. Earlier, the Supreme Court in its 24-page judgment has written a shloka of culture and said that ancient scriptures have also been saying that the sinner should be punished according to his age, time and physical ability. The punishment should not be such that he dies, but the punishment should be to rectify him and purify his thinking. Punishment that endangers the life of the sinner or the offender is not justified.

The Supreme Court, while reversing its four-year-old verdict, said that the light punishment humiliates and depresses the victim of the crime. Sidhu did not need to show any mercy for not inflicting any further punishment, merely by imposing a fine. It is worth noting that the road rage case against Sidhu dates back to the year 1988. Sidhu got into a fight with a 65-year-old man named Gurnam Singh over parking in Patiala, in which Sidhu allegedly punched Gurnam Singh. Later Gurnam Singh died. A case of culpable homicide was registered against Sidhu.

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