Siachen: Internet will now run rampant at an altitude of 19061 feet, Army activates service

Internet will now run in the world’s highest battlefield as the Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps has activated satellite-based internet service on the Siachen Glacier.

Satellite-based internet service launched in Siachen

Image Credit source: ANI

The world’s highest battlefield will now have rapid internet access as the Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps has activated satellite-based internet service at an altitude of 19061 feet on the Siachen Glacier. After the start of internet service in Siachen, now it will be easier for the forces to share intelligence information. Let us tell you that the Indian Army is constantly engaged in advancing itself. The army is also constantly upgrading itself to overcome the enemies. Strict security restrictions are being put in place on the international border. In order to meet the needs of the army, there has been an emphasis on indigenously developing military equipment for some time. The government has also taken many positive steps in this direction.

Earlier on Sunday, the Indian Army invited domestic defense manufacturers for emergency procurement of military equipment. The Army said that in line with its commitment to fight the next war with indigenous equipment, it has invited the domestic defense industry to offer critical defense equipment for emergency procurement. Describing this procurement process as open tender based, the army said that proposals are being brought for guns, missiles, drones, communication and optical systems, specialist vehicles, engineering equipment and alternative energy resources.

Referring to this invitation in several of its tweet messages, the army said that domestic defense manufacturers should offer local defense equipment for emergency purchase. “This invitation is in line with the Army’s commitment to fight the future war with indigenous solutions,” the army said. The army said in its tweet that the offer of domestically developed defense products in emergency procurement will be applicable for a limited time frame. “This procurement window will be open to the Indian industry for six months and the industry will be expected to supply the equipment within one year of the signing of the purchase contract,” the Army said.


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