Shri Krishna, who gave seed knowledge to humanity

Qualities of Shri Krishna in Mahabharata, Destiny, Mood, conduct, True description of philosophy of life is received. In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna is seen giving immortal teachings and messages to the world of life. Not to run away from karma but to teach to do karma, Appears to be awakened for karma. Despite being neutral in the entire Mahabharata, he had great skill., dexterity, truth through diplomacy, justice, Religion has played an important role. In the Mahabharata, he appears as a skilled leader and national hero.

Indian culture Yogishwar Shri Krishna’s name is taken with great reverence, respect, reverence and reverence. Due to his personality and creativity being inspiring, attractive, philanthropic, multifaceted and magnetic, most of the Indians have divinely revered and adored feelings in them. Sri Krishna, the owner of a unique, wonderful, unique universal fraternal personality, had all the qualities of Vedas, philosophy, yoga, spirituality, history, literature, music, art, politics, diplomacy etc. He was the true protector, foster and savior of humanity. The purpose of his life was to establish true religion, justice everywhere for the protection of good men and righteous souls and for the establishment of religion by destroying people of sinners, criminals and evil natures. For the fulfillment of this objective, he put his whole life at stake while fighting, suffering, protesting and struggling.

Yet today they are becoming a spectacle in Bhagwat etc. Puranas, folk literature, stories, raslilas, Krishna Leelas, serials, pictures, plays, posters etc. Innocent questions based on the menstrual cycle of women, such as in the poster of the film, they are being laughed at by putting their picture on the sanitary pad. If this country, religion, culture, mankind and history is not full of misfortune, then what is it? Shri Krishna is such a great soul god, who was born in the prison. Those whose death orders i.e. warrants were passed before birth. There was no one to celebrate, congratulate and distribute sweets at the time of birth. Similarly, even at the time of death, he had no one to cry. Vimata grew up in Yashoda’s lap, due to adverse circumstances the maternal uncle had to be killed. Had to leave the kingdom and go to Dwarka untimely.

For the protection of truth, justice, religion and humanity, he had to assume different forms. Had to play a variety of roles. Many a times had to drink the poison of humiliation, protest and struggle. Whole life was full of hardships, struggles, disputes, difficulties. Yet he was never seen disappointed, hopeless, sad and sad in life. Human beings have always been getting education and inspiration from such harmony and great personality qualities of Shri Krishna’s life. That is why on his birthday, Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, his birth anniversary is celebrated with great pomp and grand decoration with revered spirit. Celebrating the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna, who lived and died for the cause of world, humanity, truth, dharma-justice and sarve bhavantuh sukhinah, people pray for happiness, prosperity and integrity of the country.

In the Mahabharata, the true description of Shri Krishna’s qualities, deeds, nature, conduct, philosophy of life is found, where he appears as a universal, omniscient, yogi, preacher, guiding philosophy, universal brotherhood, ethical, true justice, advocate of religion. . In the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita inscribed in the Mahabharata itself, Shri Krishna is seen giving immortal sermons and messages for the world of life. Not running away from karma, but teaching them to do karma, they are seen awakening for karma. Thoughts of soul-Parmatma, life-death, enjoyment, yoga, knowledge, action, devotion etc. appear to give inspiration and message. While living in the world of life, doing selfless deeds, giving the message of reaching salvation, the ultimate goal of life, Shri Krishna is seen standing on the high peak of Himalaya in the form of a yogi full of knowledge, prudence, dispassion. In the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna is considered to be the most revered, leading, venerable. Ved Vyas, the author of Mahabharata, has respectfully called him Krishna Vande Jagatgurum.

Despite being neutral in the entire Mahabharata, he has played an important role towards truth, justice and religion with great skill, dexterity, diplomacy and activity. In the Mahabharata, he appears as a skilled leader and national hero. This is the reason why the world is still bowing down to his karmic skills. That’s why Dronacharya also says, “Where there is Dharma, there is Krishna, and where there is Krishna, there will definitely be victory.” It is because of these qualities that Shri Krishna has got the title, respect, recognition and worship of Yogiraj in India in the wide tradition of divine souls, virtuous great men. Forgetting such excellent character Shri Krishna of Mahabharata and Gita, it is nothing but foolish to find the character of Shri Krishna in the fables and juicy stories of the Puranas. It is like taking it out of nectar and throwing it in the mud. But it is a misfortune that today injustice and deception is being done with the life philosophy of the visionary of Shri Krishna, the dreamer of keeping India tied in one thread. His entire life marking and depiction has remained confined to child leela. In the Puranas, it seems as if Shri Krishna has not become young at all. Shri Krishna never begged in life, but today money is being collected in the name of his name, picture, movie, poster etc., begging is being done, to what extent is it justified?

It is true that most of the injustice and atrocities in India have been done with the bright and inspiring character of Shri Krishna. For centuries, forgetting their true, real and real nature, they are being presented in an embellished, distorted and tarnished form. From birth till death, history will never forgive those who adopt such an attitude towards Shri Krishna, a person who does not commit any unrighteousness, that is, a person who does not do bad deeds, is affected by his nature and character. Similarly, Radha’s name does not appear anywhere in the Mahabharata along with Krishna. One Radha was the wife of Yashoda’s brother Ravana. But in Puranas, folk tales, songs, literature etc., Radha’s name was added to defame Shri Krishna’s character by tarnishing and distorting it. In order to mislead people from moral, religious values ​​of life, arrangements were made to spread obscenity and decorative garbage in the society in the name of Shri Krishna and Radha by adulterating history. An expedient study of the Mahabharata attests to the fact that Shri Krishna was a wife. His wife was Rukmini.

Despite the name of Rukmini being the only one in the life story of Shri Krishna, today it is a sin and injustice against Rukmini to show the imaginary Radha by not showing Rukmini with Shri Krishna in temples, pastimes, stories, tableaux etc. Describing a unique great man of the world like Shri Krishna as an adulterous and adulterous wife, knowledgeable, restrained, modesty, what is if not a crime against society, religion, culture, humanity and true history? There is no doubt that the whole life philosophy of Shri Krishna, full of divine qualities, disappointed, desperate, depressed, troubled, turbulent, confused, the person always has courage, support, hope and inspiration to move forward. This is the reason that every year the birth of Shri Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami with great fanfare with Krishna Leela, Rasleela, tableaux and various types of programs. The importance of Shri Krishna’s contribution, philosophy of life, knowledge of Gita, teachings, teachings etc., are contemplated, contemplated. On Shri Krishna Janmashtami, many salutes to the great human history man, Shodash Kalayukta Yogishwar Shri Krishna.

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