Shraddha Binu Dharma did not happen……

A country which has its roots, your land, your water, your forest, He wants to recognize his own culture and develop in it. Does not want to remain infected and hybridized. Ramraj means the determination to develop oneself by remaining in its original character. Then he goes on to say, “One who sweeps away the dust of his own throne cannot establish Ramraj. Like Ram, only the one who renounces everything can establish Ramraj.

Today the word religion is being used everywhere and in whatever way. From television media to social media, its attack on us is increasing. Fire-spewing mahapanchayats and parliaments are being run. The meaning of religion is being explained without understanding itself. After all, who teaches religion in the society? If a ten year old child watching TV today asks what is the meaning of the word religion, then what will we answer? Shall we say that Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain or Buddhist are different religions? In childhood, we used to get education of religion from our grandparents, grandparents or elders of the house and neighborhood elders and saints-Mahatmas. Today Google-Guru is the ever-flowing Ganges of our knowledge. Who is telling religion as a cult. Today “Religion does not teach….” No one is listening.

Be it religion or religion, both are eternal. But the sect and the Jamaat have remained political. Cult-Jamaat, of course, have been resorting to violence for their own ego and existence, but whether it is religion or religion, they talk about non-violence. There were reports of violence and arson between Panth and Jamaat during Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti from many parts of the country. The concept of Ramraj that Mahatma Gandhi had laid before the world was Swaraj based on the foundation of non-violence and Sarvodaya. Gandhiji understood religion and non-violence from the Indian tradition itself.

Every man has his own religion. Humanity is the religion of all humanity. Cult-Jamaat are political factions which are run, grazing like sheep in the name of civilization. Gandhi’s idea of ​​Ramraj was born out of the dignity of the sacrifice and compassion of Purushottam Prabhu Ram. Gandhiji called the Ramraj of spirituality as the Swaraj of politics. He started establishing the same for the civilization of the society. As Swadharma, so is Swaraj. Swaraj means self-rule over oneself. The rule of truth, renunciation and compassion should be established over one’s own lust, anger, attachment and greed.

Even before the Ayodhya land verdict came, Lallu Singh, the MP there, has been organizing the Ayodhya festival in the capital. Celebrations are organized to save, beautify the faith, culture and economy of Ayodhya. Every year Rammay also discusses Gandhi’s Ramraj with praise. This time the Ayodhya festival was celebrated in the Satyagraha Mandap of Gandhi Smriti. The speaker was Mahant Mithilesh Nandini Sharan, a scholar of the Hanumant Sadan temple in Ayodhya. The speaker with him was Rajiv Vora, a Gandhian who dedicated his life to Hind Swaraj. The faith and confidence with which Mahant ji placed Gandhi’s concept of Ramraj in front of the listeners was unique in the atmosphere of Mahapanchayat and Parliaments.

Mahant ji explained the meaning of Gandhi’s Ramraj, “A country which recognizes its roots, its land, its water, its forest, its culture and wants to develop in it. Does not want to remain infected and hybridized. Ramraj means the resolve to develop himself by remaining in his original character.” Then he goes on to say, “He who sweeps the dust of his own throne cannot establish Ramraj. Like Ram, only the one who renounces everything can establish Ramraj. The respect and hospitality that Ram gave to the ordinary boatman is the first step in the establishment of Ramraj.

When Ram gives wages to Kevat to cross the Ganges, he refuses and says, “If you can give up the throne for the establishment of religion, can’t I give up my wages for you. ………. He talks about love and ideals. If you want to make this world happy, give up some of your share of happiness.”

Prabhu Ram and Gandhi were also blessed by the same interpretation of Ramraj and Dharma. Mithilesh Nandini Sharan ji glorified the Indian sage tradition. Society can understand religion only from such saints.

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