Shikhar Dhawan used to go batting many times wearing socks of fellow players, revealed himself

Shikhar Dhawan Prithvi Shaw In The Kapil Sharma Show: Team India’s legendary batsman Shikhar Dhawan performed brilliantly in the first match of the ODI series against South Africa. He played an innings of 79 runs. However, the Indian team lost this match by 31 runs. The better Dhawan performs on the field, the more he mixes with his teammates. An interesting anecdote related to Dhawan was revealed in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Kapil asked Dhawan that do you go away wearing the socks of your fellow players while going on the field? Dhawan gave a very interesting answer to this.

In fact, recently Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi went to the show for the recording of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. During this, Kapil asked many interesting questions to both the players. In this connection, Kapil jokingly asked Dhawan, “Shikhar Paji, I have heard a rumor that when you go to play, you beat the socks of fellow players.” Dhawan replied in an interesting way, saying, ” Socks have been asked, supporters have also been asked.

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In this video of the TV show, Kapil also asked Prithvi and Dhawan whether they ever tried to listen to the strategy of the opposing team during the match. On this, Prithvi laughs and replies that I tried to do this once. Prithvi said, “I forgot the guard once in the course of listening.”

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Let us tell you that Team India is on South Africa tour. Here he had to face defeat in the Test series. After this he had to face defeat in the first match of the ODI series. Now the second match of the series will be played on January 21.


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