Shashi Tharoor lashed out at Team India’s defeat, said – Kohli tell why this happened in T20 World Cup


IND vs NZ: Indian captain Virat Kohli has come under the scanner for not attending the press conference after losing to New Zealand in the T20 World Cup. Many fans have started blaming Captain Virat Kohli, team management and BCCI all three for Team India’s loss to New Zealand after Pakistan. At the same time, not only the fans but Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor are also constantly disappointed with the defeat in two consecutive matches. He even asked questions to Virat Kohli on social media.

Disappointed with the continuous defeat, Shashi Tharoor tweeted, “We have always praised Team India, applauded in their support. Not only this, we have also given awards to those who deserve the award, but this T. We are not saddened by their loss in 20 World Cups, but we are feeling more sad that we did not even compete with the team in front and did not try to win.He said that Captain Virat Kohli needs to be told this Not what went wrong in the match, because we all have seen it.Kohli just tell why it happened?

Cricket fans very disappointed with India’s performance

There is a lot of disappointment among cricket fans about India’s performance in T20. Many fans are enraged by the continuous defeat. They are fiercely venting their anger on social media platforms. Fans are demanding to ban IPL on Twitter. Different arguments are also being given for doing this.

IPL is the biggest tournament of T20 matches.

Fans are writing that IPL is the biggest tournament of T20 matches in India and even after this, if our players lose like this in T20 matches, then what is the meaning of such tournament. Fans are also alleging that Indian players prefer IPL instead of World Cup, which is why India is now on the verge of being out of the World Cup.

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