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Shareefa Khane Ke Fayde: There is a lot of custard apple in the market in this season. Sharifa is hard from outside and very soft and soft from inside. It is a seedy fruit. Its seed is black in color, which is useful in many diseases (Kai Bimariyon Me Kam Aye Shareefa).

There is plenty of calcium, magnesium, fiber in custard apple. Its consumption can get rid of many serious diseases. After cooking, we can open it from inside and eat it like this. They are also used in making various types of sweet dishes, ice-creams etc. Let’s know the benefits of eating Sharifa –

Sharifa is beneficial in many diseases pic(social media)

Benefits Of Eating Custard

– Consumption of custard apple useful in increasing weight. Also, it gives coolness and energy to the body.

Nutrition-rich custard apple also keeps the heart healthy.

Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, copper and fiber present in custard are very beneficial for health.

The upper part of the custard apple is beneficial for the treatment of ulcers.

Sharifa dry powder is useful in curing diarrhea and dysentery.

– Provides relief from the problem of cold and cough.

Toothache is also treated with the bark of its tree.

Sugar level is also normal, consumption of custard apple.

Eating custard apple gives coolness to the mind. It keeps you away from frustration by saving you from irritability.

– A better source of energy is to consume custard apple.

It contains a lot of Vitamin C. Which is useful in boosting the immune system.



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