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Shameful this all that meaningless!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a wonderful thing. He said that in eight years no such work has been done which will make people hang their heads in shame. Wow! What is the matter! This sentence will be the yardstick to check the tenure of Modi government in history. Accordingly, the criterion is whether the head of the country is held high or not, not whether the head is bowed in shame or not? But perhaps Narendra Modi knows where the people of India and especially the Hindus have come to know what it is like to hold your head high or bow down in shame. The race which has been in slavery for thousand years and is still alive in ten types of subjugation, dictatorship, does it know that Prithviraj Chauhan is a hero of pride or of shame? It is a matter of shame or pride if China is occupying the land or eating the land and making India an economic slave? Even after the abrogation of Article 370, Hindus are running away in the Kashmir Valley, then what is the truth of bowing down or not bowing down in shame? The issue of not accepting the Modi government’s figures of those who died of the epidemic in the WHO list and whether or not to consider the figures of highest deaths in India as shameful or not, can be decided when it is first known that Modi Raj has What is the difference between truth and falsehood among Hindus?

Do Hindus know that either Russia or India was an untouchable in the global economic gathering that was now in Davos! Senior journalist Tavleen Singh revealed from there how India’s ministers, officials were passing the time like beggars, in an Indian Express column last Sunday. Like me, Tavleen Singh too had pinned hopes on Narendra Modi eight years ago. And now one has to think that what is the meaning of India left in the world? Even then Hindus are being fooled by making so many lies on India’s economy and foreign policy.

This is not a new thing to happen. The people of India lived in false lines of foreign policy even during the time of Pandit Nehru. Even then the public sang songs of Nehru-Chou En Lai friendship in the same way as Narendra Modi expressed friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping by swinging eight times. Nehru lost land, Modi lost land and the lie to the public that all is well. Remember demonetisation, on the life of 5 kg ration of 80-100 crore people, on unemployment, inflation and the health of democracy? On all this, would the real history after Modi be writing that with Modi’s permission, his personal decision, no such thing was done, which would make any person of India bow their head in shame!

The question is whether India’s fall in all the global scales and indices is shameful or not? Is it shameful or not to be hollow of democracy and media? Is it shameful to kill or kill the opposition? Is it shameful or not the propaganda to mislead people day by day? The biggest thing is that the office of the President, the system of cabinet names, Parliament, Governor, Reserve Bank, NITI Aayog, bureaucracy to all kinds of institutions, universities, government to educational, scientific-economic-socio-history etc. National establishments of subjects. What is the meaning left in the last eight years, so that India is a lively, healthy and thinking country! The whole country is immersed in the noise of one Prime Minister, his one face, his speech, his propaganda, sponsored media, from which everything else has been absorbed.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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