Shameful act of religious extremists in Pakistan, graves of Ahmadi community desecrated

Lahore. In Pakistan’s Punjab province, religious extremists desecrated many graves of Ahmadis. A spokesperson of the minority community gave this information on Tuesday. Amir Mahmood, an official of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan, told PTI that gravestones were damaged at the Prem Kot cemetery in Hafizabad district, about 100 km from Lahore.

He said that people who vandalized the graves also wrote “Ahmadi dog” on them which is very painful for the families. “The Ahmadis living in Pakistan are not at peace even after death,” he said. Mahmood demanded arrest of those involved in the desecration of the graves of the minority community.

Similar incidents have happened in the past in other cemeteries of the Ahmadi community in Punjab as well but not a single culprit has been arrested or prosecuted. In August this year, 16 graves of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan’s Punjab province were allegedly desecrated by religious extremists.

The minorities in Pakistan, especially the Ahmadis, are extremely vulnerable and are often targeted by religious extremists. The Ahmadi community was declared non-Muslim by the Pakistani Parliament in 1974. A decade later he was banned from even calling himself a Muslim. He was also barred from going on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

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