Shah’s Sensation

Bhopal, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is considered to be the most successful strategist of the BJP, has a sensation not only in the BJP but in the entire political field because Shah is considered an expert in adapting to any adverse situation. What will be the strategy for the 2023 assembly general elections in the state, it can be made today in the road also.

Actually, different forms of leadership in politics have been seen in the politics of the country. Talking about the ruling party BJP, when it started in the party, there was a lack of votes as well as notes and then the leadership was very simple and simple. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to visit the state, there was neither any kind of frills nor any kind of threat, but in the present era, BJP has neither shortage of notes nor lack of votes and the leadership is such that the importance of his visit. Only after the news, the sleep of the leaders should be lost. Don’t know what will happen now, what decision will be taken, what strategy will be made and in such a situation everyone gets involved in the competition of preparations for the reception.

However, the capital Bhopal has been filled with flags, banners and flexes as the party’s strategist and the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Bhopal. The government and organization have left no stone unturned to welcome him. At the Jamboree ground, where Amit Shah will distribute bonus to the tendu patta collectors and address the members of the tendu patta committees. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to the tribal convention on 15 November at this Jamboree ground. Obviously, to form the government in the state in 2023, the party is eyeing the tribal voters completely in their favor because the electoral history of the state also says that where the tribal society lives, its government is formed.

In the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP lost most of the seats reserved for tribals and was voted out of power. This is the reason that now Amit Shah is once again coming among this class. Earlier in Jabalpur also on 18th September, Raja Shankar Shah and bridegroom Raghunath Shah had come to unveil the statues and then a large number of this society had gathered there.

Apart from the Jamboree Maidan program, Amit Shah’s important program is to stay in the state BJP office for two hours, in which all the important leaders of BJP have been called and during this time Shah will share the state’s politics. At the same time, the election preparations for 2023 will also begin, the road map ahead of the party, the programs of power and organization will be decided, and the responsibilities will also be divided from the electoral point of view. Overall, BJP power and organization is busy in preparations day and night regarding Amit Shah’s visit.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and State President Vishnudutt Sharma are leaving no stone unturned to welcome Shah’s visit, not only in the BJP, but also in the Congress SS, because wherever Shah goes, the upheaval intensifies after a few days and this is Shah. Creates a sensation of seizures.

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