Secrets of Shiva: Salvation of Shiva: Uma’s obstinacy…!

Bhopal, Considering herself neglected in the current political climate, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sadhvi Uma Bharti has once again resolved to use her ‘Hatha Yoga’ to anoint the Shivling by opening the locks of Lord Shiva’s temple at Raisen Fort. Her resolve is that she will not take food until the locks of the Shiva temple located in Raisen Fort are opened and she is not allowed to perform Abhishek. It is noteworthy that there is a temple of Someshwar Mahodav in the ancient fort situated on the hill of Raisen, whose locks are opened once a year for Shiva devotees on Mahashivratri and on the same day their Jalabhishek and worship is done, now the insistence of opening the locks of Umais temple is on. This time she is definitely stubborn, but her voice is not anti-government, she has handed over her Gangajal pot to the collector till the locks are opened and said that when the locks are opened, she will come here with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh and will perform Jalabhishek. Only then will she take food, that is, overall this time her attitude is not sharp and she wants to fulfill her insistence with patience and calmness, it is noteworthy that in the past, she had complained publicly that Chief Minister Shivraj ji does not talk to her. But when Shivraj called him and listened to his grievances, then Uma was again satisfied.

It is also worth mentioning here that it was Uma Bharti who dissolved the decade of Digvijay rule and formed the BJP government here in 2003, but she could not remain the Chief Minister for long and in the case of non-bailable warrant, Babulal Gaur had to resign from her post. Had to hand over the chair, Gaur Saheb also could not remain the Chief Minister for a long time and Shivraj ji became the Chief Minister, that is, from 2015 till now, if fifteen months of Kamal Nath’s reign are removed, then Shivraj Singh ji is the Chief Minister of the state and he He is setting the record of being the Chief Minister for the longest time in the history of Madhya Pradesh.
Yes, so after Sadhvi Uma Bharti’s stubbornness was going on, she has been called “Agnishalaka Naitri” (Fire Brand Leader) because of Uma’s sharp attitude, Madhya Pradesh has been trembling with Uma’s attitude, many times she He also did the act of raising his hand in anger, an example of which is the slap of his own supporter Anil Ram in public. Not only this, once he had also formed a new party against the BJP by adopting a rebellious attitude, even after returning to the BJP in 2013, Uma’s attitude remained the same. As a Union Minister, in 2019, he had announced to contest the elections without the prior approval of the high command and has now announced to contest the 2024 elections again.

Umaka has a political history that whenever she felt neglected by the party, then she has shown her sharp attitude to her party and the government, since she has been a great advocate of Hindutva while being a Sadhvi, she also got nationwide support. Granted, their nature is emotional and unstable, so they take any decision emotionally without imagining its consequences. That is, overall, he is different from other established leaders who take future decisions after careful consideration.
She has been declared a supporter of Advani ji and her political status was at the top during Atal-Advani’s regime, but after Narendra Bhai Modi became the Prime Minister, her political inquiry was reduced considerably, for a short time. She was a Union Minister, but after 2019, she is feeling very neglected and in the guise of religiosity in this tune, she takes the decision of anti-political leadership rhetoric or stubbornness, as this time she has decided to open the locks of Someshwar temple located in Raisen Fort. It is taken to open, at present, no preparation is visible from the Chief Minister or the administration to open the locks, let’s see if the Satyagraha continues till Umqab?

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