SBI Jan Dhan To Saving: You can easily convert Jan Dhan account to savings account, here is the whole process

SBI Jan Dhan To Saving: With the aim of increasing the reach of banking services in India and providing assistance and insurance to the people, the government had started the Jan Dhan Yojana. Since the advent of the scheme, a large number of people in India have opened their account in Jan Dhan Bank Account. Only selected services related to banking services are available in this account.

The benefits of many schemes and subsidies run by the government are also being passed on to the needy people through this. However, there are many such facilities provided by banks, which are not available to the Jan Dhan account holders. These facilities are often available to the account holders of the savings / normal account. If you have a Jan Dhan account and want to transfer it to your savings account, then this process is quite easy.

have to go to the bank branch

State Bank of India has given information about this on Twitter. In this episode, let us know about the process through which you can transfer your Jan Dhan account to SBI savings account. For this you have to go to the bank branch. After that you have to apply for transfer of Jan Dhan account to savings account there.

Along with this, you will also have to submit the documents required for KYC in the bank. Among the necessary documents, you will have to give your identity card, passport size photograph, driving license, Aadhar card, NREGA card and PAN card. After this your application form will be verified.

After this the account transfer will happen

If the verification is found correct then your Jan Dhan account will be transferred to the savings account of State Bank of India. After this, you can take advantage of all the facilities provided by the bank, which are available to the account holders of the normal savings account.

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