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Satisfaction, satiety and blisters!

BJP is bomb-bomb. is bound to. The Nupur Sharma episode and the murder of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur mark a turning point in the Hindu versus Muslim relationship. It is not surprising that in the meeting of the BJP executive in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Modi’s mouth-to-mouth dialogue for the future roadmap was heard. He said that by ending appeasement, we have adopted the path of fulfillment. What is the meaning of this sentence? It is simple that appeasement, where there is a jumla related to Muslims, is the same for Hindus. The way to fulfillment and fulfillment of whatever the Sangh Parivar wanted.

This blunt announcement of Hyderabad is a disclosure of the mood of the Hindus of the country along with the UP elections, Azamgarh by-election, Nupur Sharma-Kanhaiyalal episode. Future BJP politics has agenda and narrative. Keep in mind that if Narendra Modi called ‘Hyderabad’ Bhagyanagar in his speech, it is also a proof of the mission to satisfy Hindu sentiments. There was a desire among local Hindus to change the Muslim name of Hyderabad to the Hindu name of Bhagyalakshmi temple in the old city. Only then think how happy Hindus must have been after hearing the word Bhagyanagar from the mouth of the Prime Minister. It is here that the foundation of Akhand Bharat was laid by Sardar Patel or Hyderabad is Bhagyanagar, which is important to all of us, which means further polarization of Hindu vs Muslim votes on appeasement vs gratification. That being said, if there were any buts or buts of any kind in the Sangh, BJP and the government, it is over after the intensity of the Nupur Sharma, Kanhaiyalal episode’s impact on both the communities.

It is certain that this is the achievement of the Modi government in the Hindu perspective that Article 370 has been abolished. Temple was built. Laws like triple talaq were made to drive out foreign infiltrators. The role, clout and representation of Muslims in Parliament, Legislative Assemblies and Governance is also almost gone, which was before 2014. By eliminating the appeasement of Muslims, the fulfillment of whatever was in the mind of Hindus about Muslims and the more you think on the formula of Hindu satisfaction, new avenues of polarization will open in it.

Amit Shah’s statement in the BJP executive of Hyderabad is also significant that for the next 30-40 years, there will be an era of Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP governments will be formed in all those states including Telangana and West Bengal, where the party is still away from power. The steering of the KCR government of Telangana is with Owaisi. Think, if the BJP’s plan is increasing in Bengal, Telangana or Kerala, then obviously the next strategy is to make the Hindus of the whole country satisfied.

The flip side of this is that the Sangh Parivar and Modi-Shah are also deeply understanding the mood and reaction of the Muslim population. It is a belief that whatever the Muslim countries of the world or the world fraternity say and think, politics cannot be left in their concern. If there is power, then the sheikhs of Gulf or Islamic countries and the world can be handled on the market power of 140 crore people of India. The real thing is that by making Hindu votes crazy, the BJP has to make more than fifty percent votes. His panacea medicine is Nupur Sharma, Kanhaiyalal episode. Further, the more the process of action-reaction between Hindu and Muslim relations increases, more will be the fulfillment and fulfillment of the dream of Hindu Rashtra.

The question is the end result of the politics of contentment versus satisfaction? According to Amit Shah (who he where in Hyderabad) India will become ‘Vishwaguru’ in the BJP era of 30-40 years! God do this? But I have written long ago on the details of this new battle of Panipat in the modern age. 30-40 years is a far cry, in this decade, India will have so many blisters that from Kashmir Valley to Kerala, from Nagaland-Mizoram to Bengal, Punjab, the slogans of contentment and gratification are creating blisters of fire. Will be

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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