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Sardi Me Muli Khane Ke Fayde: Many people like to eat radish in winter. Sometimes as a vegetable, sometimes with the filling inside the paratha, or in the form of a salad, whatever the way, radish works to enhance the taste of food. Not only this, it is also considered very beneficial for your health. Due to the abundance of protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, fiber, it keeps the body away from many problems like cancer, cold and cold. In such a situation, the consumption of radish can prove to be very good for your health (Radish Health Benefits) even in cold weather (Thand Ka Mausam)-

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Benefits of eating Radish (Muli Khane Ke Fayde)

make immunity strong

There is a risk of many types of infections during the winter time, in such a situation it is very important to keep the immunity strong. In such a situation, you should consume radish, because in addition to antioxidants and anthocyanins, many other nutrients are found, which helps in increasing immunity.

Keeps body hydrated

During winter, people often start drinking less water, due to which there can be a problem of dehydration in the body. In such a situation, radish can prove to be helpful in keeping the body hydrated and removing the lack of water.

stay away from the problem of diabetes

Eating radish will also help in controlling the blood sugar level. It is helpful in keeping the insulin level in balance. Along with this, radish also contains many enzymes that block the formation of diabetes.

stomach problem away

Consumption of root can also prove beneficial in keeping stomach problems away. Radish is rich in fiber, which heals the digestive system and removes many stomach related diseases.

keep blood pressure right

If you have the problem of high blood pressure, then you must also consume the original. Because radish also helps in maintaining the balance of sodium and potassium. Let us tell you that due to the increase in the amount of sodium in the body, the problem of high BP occurs.

Cough, cold and cold stay away

The problem of cough (Khansi Ki Samasya) is also removed by eating radish. Along with this, radish is also helpful in getting rid of cold and cold.

kidney be healthy

Radish works to keep the kidney healthy. If you have a problem of not passing urine due to kidney problem, then drink radish juice two to three times a day, it will give you relief.

Cancer problem remains away

Radish is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, which can keep colon cancer away.

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Disadvantages of eating Radish (Muli Khane Ke Nuksan)

The body gets the benefits of radish in many ways, but if you consume it with the wrong things then it can also be harmful for your health. So let us know with what things radish should not be eaten or what precautions should be taken while eating.

Do not eat radish with fish.

Radish should not be consumed with gram.

Do not drink milk for two hours after eating radish.

Best time to eat Radish (Muli Khane Ka Sahi Samay)

Yes, there is also a right time to eat radish. Because radish is eaten more in winter, in such a situation, you should consume it keeping in mind the time. Radish should be eaten before 3 pm. Because during this time it is sunny in winter. After this the sun starts setting and the temperature also starts falling. If radish is eaten at the right time, it will work to keep the body warm. Yes and also keep in mind that never consume radish on an empty stomach.

Note- This news has been prepared on the basis of general information, in such a situation, do consult your doctor once before following it.

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