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Salman Khan gave his reaction on Pathan

Pathan Film has maintained its place at the box office even after 2 weeks. The film has broken many records and has reached far ahead in terms of earning as well. After Salman Khan’s strong cameo and fight sequence in the film, this film is being liked even more. People are liking the chemistry of Salman and Shahrukh. That’s why the fans are giving full credit for Pathan’s success to Shah Rukh as well as Salman. Salman was seen in his Tiger style in the film, Salman is also very happy with the personality of the film. He also expressed his reaction on this.

Salman said such a thing on the success of the film


Talking about Pathan during an interview, Salman said, “Me and Shah Rukh always needed a special film like ‘Pathan’ to come together on the big screen. I was very happy with this film. We did Karan-Arjun’s, it was a super hit. Pathan also became a super hit.

Salman said that

“I know the audience would love to see us together on the big screen. I am happy that he has given a lot of love through Pathan.

Regarding producer Aditya Chopra, Salman said that

“I was ecstatic when Adi narrated the sequence to me and the idea of ​​bringing me and Shah Rukh together. Adi’s aim was to make the film a universe.”

Further, Salman said that

“Aditya wanted to give something special to the audience. what she likes to see. He knows me and Shah Rukh so closely, so he was able to bring our personalities on screen. Because of this people are also liking us.

Salman also talked about Pathan’s director Siddharth Anand and said that Siddharth has been able to present his and Shahrukh’s sequel very well in front of everyone. Salman Bola Pathan is very happy with the success of Shahrukh Khan and Yash Raj film. This is a huge victory for Indian cinema. After Kovid-19, more people have reached the cinema house because of the same film.

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