Sadhvi’s resolve: politics and questions…

Bhopal, During the Ayodhya movement, whose sharp attitude and aggressive style had once given an identity to Sadhvi Uma Bharti. He put the concept of Hindutva in front. government of..

Perhaps that’s why he expressed his intentions with caution but did not put anyone in danger… Neither linked the campaign to his own reputation nor gave opportunity to opponents to criticize nor put the party and his well-wishers in dilemma.. It refrained from launching a mass movement as he had made a statement about prohibition a few days ago.. While giving a sense of accountability to the leadership, he distanced himself to a large extent from the strategy of the party line, especially the saffron stripes, saying that it was theirs. Its a personal matter ..which she will take food after completing the resolution after Jalabhishek…

Sadhvi Umashree, who returned after sharing the stage with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Ramraja Darbar Orchha just a few hours ago, expressed her desire that she wants that she wants to come to Someshwar Mahadev temple with Chief Minister Shivraj and perform Jalabhishek will not be wrong to say that within the time limit. Along with the guidelines of the Department of Archeology, she was well aware.. Maybe that’s why instead of challenging the administration.

The government did not put the administration in trouble, nor did the party leadership get a chance to say that Sadhvi was deliberately putting her government in trouble. Tried that she is not done yet, yes some mistake in politics definitely brought her away from mainstream politics. If someone thinks, then he should change his thinking anew.

She made a lot of headlines in the media and spoke her own words. Their presence in the associated campaign cannot be ignored.. In the last 48 hours from Orchha to Raisen, it has been indicated that Shivraj and Uma Bharti are taking steps to strengthen the party, either at their convenience in politics. ..

Sadhvi refreshed her memories related to the Ganga movement by saying that the water that Someshwar is offering on Mahadev is not ordinary but has come from Gangotri itself. Sadhvi Uma Bharti, who has been in the news in Madhya Pradesh till now due to linking the issue of prohibition with her reputation, this time Someshwar Mahadev is in the headlines for opening the lock.

The reason for which is to first take a pledge to open the lock in the temple and then knock at the temple’s rate for it. Simultaneously gave a big message…

He was seen moving forward from Raisen’s fort. He further strengthened his dedication and principles of saffron politics.

Sadhvi Uma Bharti has declared on her behalf that till someshwara does not offer water to Mahadev, I will not do other planets.. No new controversy should arise nor should she be held responsible for it. Made it clear that this decision of mine is for my own peace. do..

Where did he himself that the temple’s lock could not be opened in a short time..he had requested this from Thursday and Friday..While the central departments are closed on Saturday and Sunday..So I have come here on I have also handed over the Gangajal brought with the administration ..when the lock of the temple will be opened .. then after getting the information she will definitely come here with Chief Minister Shivraj and both the brothers and sisters will do Abhishek .. neither it is pressure on the state government is it .. There is no pressure on the Archaeological Department, nor on the administration. There must be a process.

The lock is too small, it will be broken only by my punch.. The lock is not to be broken.. Along with this, the old role of Uma Bharti, who was the big face of the Ayodhya movement, which also got her a big position in politics.. A few days ago After her own tweet on her symbolic initiative of pelting stones at a shop in the capital on the issue of prohibition, this time Sadhvi came out with the necessary vigilance and alertness for politics.

He showed his firmness based on the issue and without saying anything indicated that the party leadership may not have entrusted him with any big responsibility.. but he knows how to play the necessary role for the construction of society. Also waiting for the right time for a new political innings.. She has always been praising the capable leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi through tweets. Not allowed to happen.

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