Russia-Ukraine war scene of devastation, 410 dead bodies recovered, Zelensky said – end the war

Russia-Ukraine War: It has been 40 days since the ongoing bloody war between Russia and Ukraine, but this war is not taking its name to end. Most of the cities of Ukraine, which have been turned into ruins, are seen telling the squad of this bloody war. A superpower like Russia has so far failed to capture Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Ukraine, which is constantly being hit by Russian bombs, is also giving a befitting reply to the Russian army. Meanwhile, big news has also come to the fore. The Prosecutor-General of Ukraine has claimed that 410 bodies have been recovered from the Kyiv region.

UN Secretary-General calls for investigation
Russia-Ukraine War: According to the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine, these bodies have been recovered from the regions of Kyiv. Their condition has become very bad. However, Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied civilian casualties by Russian forces in Bucha. On the other hand, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has also expressed deep sorrow after seeing the pictures of the bodies found in the city of Bucha near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and demanded an independent investigation. Significantly, thousands of people have died in the Russo-Ukraine war so far and many have lost their war material.

Ukraine President Zelensky’s call – stop the war
Ukraine’s President Zelensky called for an end to the war, accusing the Russian military of genocide. With this, in his address on Saturday, Zelensky has once again appealed to Western countries to provide modern weapons.

Rajul Raghuvanshi

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