Russo-Ukraine war continues even after four months, threat to Indian students’ studies

The government, which has promised to make special arrangements for the students from Ukraine, is not taking any decision.

Four months have passed since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia started this war with the first bombing of Ukraine on 24 February. This war, which has been going on continuously for four months, is not over yet. Many Indian students were trapped in Ukraine as the war broke out, but due to the good relations between India and Russia, the Indian government was able to bring all Indian students to India under Operation Ganga. The Indian students who had returned from the war zone included more than a thousand students from Gujarat. The central government had promised to make arrangements for further studies of these students in India but the decision is still pending and due to the loss of studies, parents and students are getting worried.

Let us inform that the students of Gujarat and the country including Rajkot Jamnagar are in touch with their respective colleges through social media and internet. Online studies and online examination of students have also been completed. The students are now free and waiting for the announcement of the decision of the government. Several social media students from Saurashtra had also returned to their hometowns three and a half months ago under Operation Ganga while studying in Ukraine. Many of these students are final year medical students, now their studies are stuck in balance.

The students of Saurashtra said that the University of Ukraine had informed them by email that the new semester would start from September 1 and if the situation in Ukraine improves, the students would be called to study offline and if the situation was not favourable. No decision can be taken. At the same time, some parents believe that the Indian government is delaying in announcing the decision regarding the students brought back from Ukraine. Neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania also have open entry options as to what to do next. Some students are no longer ready to go to those countries due to the high cost of money.

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