Russian missile fell near nuclear plant

Kyiv. A Russian missile fell near a nuclear power plant in the south of Ukraine in the early hours of Monday. There was no damage to the reactor but other industrial equipment was damaged.

The country’s nuclear power operator ‘Energoatom’ condemned the attack, calling it ‘nuclear terrorism’. Energoatom said a missile struck an industrial complex in the southern Mykolaev region in the early hours of Monday where the Pvdnoyukrensk nuclear plant is located. It said the missile fell just 300 meters from the plant, causing the explosion and shattering the windows of more than 100 buildings on the complex.

Energoatom said a nearby hydroelectric power plant was temporarily shut down because of the attack, but there was no damage to the nuclear reactor’s reactor. He called the attack an act of “nuclear terrorism”. Russia’s defense ministry did not immediately comment on the attack.

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