Russian army retreating from Kharkiv

Kyiv, Russia has not captured any major city even 79 days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is reported that after the capital Kyiv, she is now returning from Kharkiv, the second big city. Due to the losses suffered by the Russian army in the last two and a half months, its army has to retreat from many places. Meanwhile, after improving the situation in the capital Kyiv, the Indian Foreign Ministry has said that it is going to start work from the Kyiv embassy again from May 17.

Significantly, after the war with Russia started, the embassy was temporarily shifted to Warsaw, Poland from 13 March. Now embassies of many more countries including India are starting to work back from Kyiv. Meanwhile, there are reports that Russian troops are withdrawing from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. Officials say that Russia will probably now deploy troops in the southeast. Will strengthen his army here in Izum. Russia occupied Izum last month.

In the midst of the war, the work of the Indian Embassy in the capital Kyiv had to be stopped. But now again the Indian Embassy will start its work in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The Indian government shifted the Indian embassy to Poland on 13 March. A few days later, a new advisory was issued by the embassy to its citizens in war-hit Ukraine, in which a 24-hour WhatsApp helpline number was issued for help. The Indian Embassy has told that on May 17, the Indian Embassy will be opened again in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

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