Russia Ukraine Battle: Famous Ukrainian ballet dancer killed in Russian shelling

Russia Ukraine Battle: It has been 24 days since the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, but Russia’s aggressive attack continues. The Russian army is now engaged in destroying residential areas, in which hundreds of people are dying every day. Now the news has come that a ballet dancer from Ukraine, who was injured in the attack by the Russian army, has also died.

Dashishin was a well-known dancer
Russia Ukraine Battle: It has been revealed in the information that a ballet dancer from Ukraine Artyom Dashishin (Artyam Dashishin) was also injured. After which he was undergoing treatment for three weeks. But this 43-year-old dancer died on Thursday. After which his last rites were performed on Friday in the capital Kyiv. Dashishin was a well-known dancer from Ukraine. Let us tell you that before this, Ukraine’s famous actress Oksana Shevets has also died in Russian attack.

Ukraine Russia War :

Putin is not ready to change his decision
Russia Ukraine Battle: Significantly, the war between Russia and Ukraine started on 24 February, which is continuing. According to the United Nations, more than 600 people have died in this war so far. Also more than 1000 people have been injured. But Russia is not ready to back down. The sanctions being imposed on him by other countries of the world have also not been able to force Russian President Putin to change his decision.

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