Russia is attacking from Belarus

Kyiv, On the 42nd day of the attack on Ukraine, Russia attacked several cities with missiles. Ukraine’s air force claimed that the Russian army is now firing missiles from Belarus. The Air Force said – the Russian army has now made Belarus its launch pad. From there, a missile attack is being done on Ukraine. Ukraine also claimed to have shot down eight Russian cruise missiles. Amidst the Russian attack, an operation to save civilians is also going on. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister has said that Mariupol can be evacuated with Turkish help.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Voldimir Zelensky has called for Russia’s withdrawal from the UN Security Council over the alleged massacre in the city of Bucha. On the other hand, the countries of the world have intensified the tightening of the screws by increasing the sanctions on Russia. The New Zealand government has decided to impose a 35 percent duty on all imports from Russia. It has also banned the export of industrial products like telecom equipment and engines.

Giving information about tightening the screws on Russia, ‘Bloomberg’ has told that the US, European Union and G-7 countries are preparing to ban all new investments in Russia. On the other hand, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss has said about sanctions on Russia that Britain will not stop until Putin fails. Denmark has expelled 15 Russian intelligence officers.

Himansh Verma

Himansh Verma is a senior journalist at Youthistaan who is writing for since 2018. Himansh covers latest news and trending topics.
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