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Russia caught India’s enemy

There have been two incidents related to Russia, which have caught the attention of the whole world. The first incident is the murder of Daria Dugina. This girl was the daughter of Alexander Dugina, the chief strategist of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The second incident is even more serious for Indians. That is the arrest of Azamov! Azamov has been arrested by the Russian police, as he has found many concrete evidences, which show that this citizen of Uzbekistan was prepared to kill a prominent Indian leader.

He is the leader of ‘Islamic State of Khorasan Province’. This Muslim youth came from an ex-Soviet state and got trained in Turkey. It was given the responsibility to go to India and carry out a suicide attack on a leader. The attack was to be against Nupur Sharma’s statement. Three months ago, the Islamic State had released a 50-page document on the same issue, which also had a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a cow.

This 30-year-old Uzbek Azamov, trained in Turkey, was on the way to reach India after reaching Russia. The ‘Islamic State’ working behind it wanted it to go beyond the ‘Al-Qaeda’ insurgency. When Azamov was arrested and interrogated by the Russian intelligence agency, he uncovered many secrets. The Russian communists never allowed Islamic fundamentalism to flourish in these ex-Soviet countries of Central Asia.

Seven crore people of these five nations did not even know how to pray properly. They also did not keep fasting properly. They also Russified their Turkish and Persian names. Like Azam’s Azamov and Rahman’s Rahmanov. But due to the kindness of neighboring Muslim countries, the furnaces of extremism and terrorism have started burning there. I have had the opportunity to live before and now in all these independent ancient Aryan nations. I speak their language too. If they are not able to control extremism and terrorism then no one will be able to stop these countries from being ruined.

Russia may also have to take action against these countries. As for the murder of Daria Dugina, Russian officials say that a Ukrainian woman named Natalia Vok may have killed Daria. She was sent to kill Alexander Dugina, but only Daria caught her hand. Paying tribute to Daria, President Putin described her as a deeply nationalist and fearless young woman.

Although the President of Ukraine and other officials have not disclosed their involvement in the massacre, but this incident could give a more serious look to the Russo-Ukraine war. The Russian investigative agency suspects that Natalia immediately fled and hid in Estonia after the murder. Estonia is an ex-Soviet nation and nowadays its relations with Russia are not normal. No wonder this Russian war now spreads outside Ukraine as well.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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