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‘Rude’ human destiny in ‘civilization’!

Man is the pet of the cages of civilization, who has wisdom in mind, rationality-consciousness or wisdom, Rationality’s intelligence cannot be made because it is blunt in a cage. When a man is a parrot in the cage of civilization for five thousand years, taught by the elite class (religion-socio-politics), then how can he be aware that he is a human and his meaning and dignity of being a human is only when the mind is conscious. you are intelligent. Have the rationality to understand the difference between truth and falsehood.

Doomsday Estuary-31: According to Arnold Toynbee civilizations came and went and ‘civilization’ progressed. The question is, what happened to man because of this? Has man become civilized and intelligent? Civilization made man civilized and full of wisdom? Is man living a life civilized in his personality, mind, intellect and nature? These questions are the foundation of the current crisis of human society, the earth and the environment. If man and his personal life were civilized, history would not be what it is. The creation of civilization by man for man was fundamentally the progress of the human skull, with the aim of improving it. The animalistic tendencies had to be eradicated from the mind. The mind had to be made rational, rational and sensible. But what happened? Man has forgotten himself in the self-made illusion. Assume that civilization of development and order means civilized man!

Well how? This belief is based on the belief that when a human being is living life within the framework and boundary of civilization, then he is bound by the rules. Civilization is that house, which is the gift of God and Mother Earth, and to be a resident of his house is to be civilized because every human being is governed by the religious system. In the same way, it is also an old understanding that civilization is a civilized moral of human beings in the thick collective life, community, so that is why the mind of the citizen itself is civilized!

Then how much wisdom did man show in the mess of civilizations in five thousand years? Why did Mahabharata happen? Why human generations were not civilized by the experiences and rites of life?

desire to be civilized

It seems that since the first civilization of Sumer, man has been fascinated that when he can imitate nature (agriculture) and make life possible on his own, then it is a proof of becoming civilized, superior. Better than all the animals and the realization of the king of the jungle made man blind. If he maintains a separate life from all other animals, including chimpanzees, and has given up the barbarism of wild, primitive violence, then it is a proof of his civilisation. In Sumer, when the priests, kings, aristocracy created the fabric of civilization and created a way of life for the people in religion, society and politics, after that it is believed that the individual intellect of all human beings like civilization. Transformation into civilized behavior.

Whereas the truth is that in the behavior of both civilization and person, the same behavior is going on in animalistic tendencies.

It is no less surprising that people everywhere in the world live in the belief that they are civilized. We and our civilization are the best. And to be better born from the beginning! Like it is believed in Hindus, in other civilizations also it is believed that Sanatani civilization was good. It was a civilized period of a civilized society. The gods made us, that’s why we are Vishwagurus. Yes, now it is definitely Kali Yuga and it is dominated by uncivilized people. There is such a psychology everywhere that earlier times were good and now they are bad. Earlier people were good, now bad. Earlier they were civilized and now they were rude. In this cosmopolitan spirit, this common pride of human beings also works that how much progress we have made. How different and special we are from other animals. Evidently, the notion of separate and special is the result of a series of tribal exorcist-priests in the Neolithic period, in which the way of life of human beings was created under the umbrella of supernatural powers, God, Heaven and Hell, King and the nobility.

elite contracting for the disabled

As such, civilization is that vicious circle, it is that gully, due to which the human mind has become permanently paralyzed and handicapped. He cannot break the web of civilization and think what is true and what is wrong? Civilization is that illusion, in which every human being lives in the hallucination that he is civilized, while he is not. Neither at the level of the individual nor at the level of society, community, race and countries. Only then it does not become a priority that citizens should become civilized first. Because then the very existence of the elite would be in danger. Perhaps this is the reason why civilizations were formed and died. If the rise and fall of civilizations is due to the circumstances and the birth of the elite class, then the selfishness of the elite and the irrational and uncivilized behavior of the common people are in fact the decisive reasons for the decline.

Therefore, according to this, the first priority of every civilization should have been to make the personal life of the people civilized and sensible. Had this been the case, not only would a strong civilization be formed, but it would have been long and durable. But the experience of five thousand years is that civilizations did not civilize the subjects, not the human beings. On the contrary, people were kept ignorant and foolish in the contract of individual and individual intelligence. As a result, the tales of rise and fall again and again.

Man has been living in the house of civilization for five thousand years under the contract of the elite class. The human mind has always been subject to the contractors, the oligarchy. The same knowledge has been expanded in the mind, which began to be filled by the exorcists-priests of the tribes in the Neolithic period. In the last five thousand years, the mother-father of civilizations is religion. From Sumer to Egypt, Indus River, Chinese, Greek, Rome and in all the four walls of Christian and Islamic civilization, the total bottom line of human life is to live by breathing in sorcery, superstitions and beliefs. Because the foundation of civilization is from sorcerers, priests and religion, then from primitive exorcists to BC and later philosophers, religious leaders, god incarnations, all put those solutions in front of man, in which their mind was only to follow. The sad truth is that the originators-sponsors and philosophers of civilization did not give a chance to fly to the special individual mind creation of man. On the contrary, do not become the opinion that man is a social animal or a political animal. These will remain in control only when the small elite of the population aka aristocrats (dharmacharyas, gods, incarnations of God, kings and priests of governance, superiors) inspire people for common achievements like religion, nation-state. Just as in the beliefs of us Sanatanis, the idea of ​​happiness, peace and prosperity in the life of society has been inculcated in the life of the society from the elite class of the king and his guiding sages-religionists, so it is also in other ancient civilizations.

Therefore, there is no need to make man and his individual mind intelligent and civilized. Everything has to be from that elite class which maintains material achievements to run the life of the society at the civilizational level. Both Arnold Toynbee and Hobbes have emphasized the effective use of the ‘elites’ from whom shared gains in the progress of civil society. According to Anthony Pagden, the philosophical history of civilization is actually a history of progressive complexity and refinement. And this has been made possible by the freedom of expression of those human beings who continue to live free lives as members of a community. Means elite, elite class. In this, there are state dependent elites and independent minded god-thinkers too.

Rationality in the cage

The thesis of shared-community gains from the contracting of elites itself has overlooked the individual civic mind. Civilization has become a part of the mechanics of civilization. If the civilization is civilized, then the person living in it is civilized by itself, due to this approach, human life has been continuously suffering hellishness. He has become such a pet in the cages of civilization, in whose mind the intelligence of wisdom, rationality-consciousness or wisdom, rationality cannot be formed because he is blunt in the cage. When he is a parrot taught by the elite class in the cage of civilization for five thousand years, how can he know that he is human and that being a human has his meaning and dignity only when the mind is thinking Are. you are intelligent. The mind must have the rationality to know the difference between truth and falsehood.

Significantly, the realization of civilization and civilization dates back to the thirteenth-fourteenth century. In France, the word ‘civilization’ was derived from the Latin ‘civita’ in the French language in the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries. Earlier its synonyms were words like police, poli or polite. The idea of ​​’civilization’ emerged in the debate of law and punishment from the perspective of the nature of the individual. Means the idea of ​​not being civilized in the perspective of how the person behaves.

Basic meaning is the scale in which a person has to be weighed in terms of his intelligence, virtues and demerits, good and bad, decent and uncivilized behavior. It is the notion of one’s being civilized or uncivilized in one’s personal life behaviour. Gradually this word became the stamp of nations, races, collective mood of many countries. In fact the popularity and utility of ‘civilized’ and ‘civilization’ broadened in both individual and collective life in contrast to ‘savage’ and ‘barbarian’. After the European renaissance, the word ‘civilization’ created the presumption of being ‘civilized’ in the western countries. In the Christian-Judio culture, the western countries dressed their group as ‘civilization’ (Western) on the basis of new progress and secular achievements in the shared fabric of religion-culture and heritage. Then, in the conceit of civilizational power and superiority, he made a contract to make the world civilized. When the men of western countries, adventurers, free-spirited Devarshis then discovered and known the earth, then they became aware of the difference of ‘civilizations’. By capturing many areas of the earth, western merchants and fighters enslaved the people there and justified colonialism by saying that because they are civilized, it is their achievement and they now consider it their responsibility, which is the responsibility of the world. Civilize the rest of the peoples, religions and countries!

In one sense it was a repetition of early civilizations. Even in Sumer-Mesopotamia, the priest-king-oligarch had cultured humans, saying it was in their best interest. Just as the western countries exploited the people by building their empire on earth in the conceit of civilization, similarly in the early civilizations the creation of aristocracy was done on the pretext of the welfare of the human beings. It was the exploitation and discrimination of human beings. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

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