Ruckus in the police of three states

New Delhi, Such a spectacle has rarely happened in the history of independent India that the police of one state should arrest someone by going to another state and the police of the third state should block the way and send the arrested person back. This spectacle took place on Friday between the police of Punjab, Delhi and Haryana. The arrested person is Tejinder Singh Bagga, who is a BJP leader, but has become famous by physically and virtual misbehavior with well-known social workers, lawyers, writers and BJP opponents of the country.

A case has been registered against Bagga in Punjab for allegedly making derogatory tweets against Aam Aadmi Party supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Bagga was arrested by the Punjab Police from Delhi on Friday morning and was being taken to Punjab to present him in a Mohali court. The Haryana Police stopped the Punjab Police vehicle in Kurukshetra, about half way. The Haryana Police has rescued Bagga and handed him over to the Delhi Police following the order of a Delhi court. Delhi Police reached back to Delhi with Bagga.

Earlier, as soon as the news of Bagga being arrested and taken to Punjab came, BJP leaders reached the police station to register a case, reached Kejriwal’s house to protest and reached the court with a petition to get Bagga released. A Delhi court issued a search warrant and ordered Bagga to appear before it. After this search warrant, the Delhi Police found out the location of Bagga and informed the Haryana Police. Then the Haryana Police stopped the Punjab Police in Kurukshetra and rescued Bagga and handed him back to the Delhi Police.

When the Haryana Police stopped the Punjab Police, the Punjab Government filed a petition in the High Court and asked the High Court to stop Bagga from being taken back to Delhi. But the High Court turned down this demand of the Punjab government. In this whole case it was also being said that Delhi and Haryana Police have detained or detained some Punjab Police personnel. Punjab Police said that its three SPs and one IG have been taken to Haryana Police Station. But in the hearing in the High Court, Haryana Police denied this.

The Punjab Police says that it issued several notices against Bagga but Bagga did not respond to it and did not even take anticipatory bail. The Punjab Police also says that he had given advance information to the Delhi Police, but did not take it on record. On the other hand, the Delhi and Haryana Police told the High Court that the Punjab Police had not given any information to the Delhi Police. It is worth noting that the police of one state cannot take any action by giving information to the local police in another state.

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