Rs 1,13,000 crore 2,000 notes out of circulation in 32 months

2,000 Currency Note Update: There has been a drastic reduction in the circulation of Rs 2,000 notes in the country. The government has informed that in March 2018, where 3363 crore pieces of notes of 2,000 rupees were in circulation in the country, it has come down to 2233 crore pieces in November 2021, which is 1.75 percent of the total notes circulation.

2,000 notes reduced by 113 crore in 2 years

The government told Parliament that as on March 31, 2018, Rs 336.3 crore 2,000 notes were in circulation, which was 3.27 per cent of the total currency notes and 37.26 per cent in value. But according to the figures of 26 November 2021, 2233 crore 2,000 notes were in circulation, which is 1.75 percent of the total notes and 15.11 percent in terms of value.

No printing of Rs 2,000 note after 2018-19

Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Choudhary told Parliament that no fresh orders have been placed for printing of Rs 2,000 notes since 2018-19. Explaining the reasons for the decrease in the circulation of 2,000 notes, he said that since 2018-19, no fresh orders have been placed for printing notes, so there has been a decrease in the number of notes of 2,000. At the same time, due to the deterioration of notes, many notes are out of circulation, due to which their number has come down.

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