Rohingya are a big threat to the country’s security… the central government told the Delhi High Court

Rakar said the main concern is that illegal migrants continue to arrive through agents from Myanmar. This situation is causing serious damage to the national security of the country.

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A woman from Myanmar, Senora Begum, filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. In response, the Center told the Delhi High Court on Wednesday that it had received data through security agencies which were illegal. Rohingya migrants of links to terrorist organizations based in Pakistan. It has been told in the affidavit that this is a matter of serious concern from the point of view of security of the country. The Center said that as per the policy of the Government of India, such illegal foreigners should be deported back to their country of origin subject to verification of their nationality in consultation with the Ministry of External Affairs.

Actually, the woman had filed a petition on 20 September. This petition was against the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ministry had denied the exit permit applications of the woman and her three children to leave India. The woman wanted to travel to the United States with her three children. The government said that the main concern is that illegal migrants continue to arrive from Myanmar through agents. These people are entering India through Benapole-Haridaspur (West Bengal), Hili (West Bengal) and Sonmora (Tripura), Kolkata and Guwahati.

Big threat to the security of the country- Center

The central government said that this situation is causing serious damage to the national security of the country. The Center, in an affidavit filed before Justice Yashwant Verma, said that due to the already existing large influx of illegal migrants from neighboring countries, there has been a serious change in the demographic situation of some of the bordering states of India which is creating complications in various contexts. .

I am not Rohingya – Petitioner

The Centre’s affidavit was filed in response to a plea by a woman who claims to be a citizen of Myanmar. The woman says that she is not a Rohingya. The woman has challenged the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreigners Regional Registration Office not to allow him to leave India and go to the US. The woman has said in her petition that she and her husband Nurul Amin are victims of persecution in their home country of Myanmar. They married each other in 2004 after settling in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Husband and wife settled in America in 2015

Amin moved to the United States of America in 2015, obtained citizenship of the country and obtained permanent residency visas for the petitioners. Now he is trying to take his family there too. But when the petitioner and her children came to India from Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh and applied for exit permit, the authorities asked them to submit an NOC from the Embassy of Myanmar and an affidavit regarding their recent travel. However, the family said that they are ‘stateless’ people and they cannot get NOC.

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