Roche Pharma launches patient support app for cancer patients, know its specialty

New Delhi. Roche Pharma India today launched its new digital program The Blue Tree 2.0 mobile app for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases who are part of Roche’s Blue Tree patient support program in India. This mobile app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app will provide easy access to multiple patient support services for patients, making their treatment journey much easier.

The objective of the app was to enhance the experience of patients and healthcare workers by expediting patient enrolment. The app gives patients easy access to a range of support services and gives them advance notifications for the same. This increases the scope and reach of the program, so that more and more patients can get these facilities. This especially benefits patients living in remote areas.

This app allows patients to manage the journey of this support program directly from their phone. Patients can access many features and benefits of the flagship Blue Tree program through this mobile app. In this, digital enrollment of patients is done. It has an enrollment tracker that indicates the percentage of completion of the program. This allows patients to submit a request for free drug support, which is provided as part of Roche’s Patient Assistance program.

Patients get delivery of medicines at their doorstep. It also has a live order tracker, so you can know where your medicines are now and when they will reach you. This gives patients advance notification about their upcoming infusion schedule. Apart from this, they are also provided with other value added services like tests and consultations for various diseases.

Patients can book appointments for free consultations with experts on emotional well-being, physiotherapy and nutritious food etc. at the click of a button. Patients can book for free diagnostics support service. This includes whole genomic profiling of Foundation Medicine, which helps in deciding on a personalized and effective treatment for a patient in case of cancer.

This can be done by downloading the Blue Tree Mobile application from the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS Store. Commenting on the launch, V Simpson Emmanuel, Managing Director and CEO of the company said, “The app has been introduced to leverage digital platforms and mobile applications to provide a variety of effective and accessible treatment solutions to patients. Indicate the goal, which also includes providing patient support programs to patients.

At Roche, we don’t just treat patients, we go the long way with patients and their families. We recognize the varied healthcare needs of patients throughout their treatment journey and look forward to addressing them in the best possible way. By providing a technology platform for our flagship patient support program, The Blue Tree, we are taking an important step toward delivering on our commitment to changing patient lives.

In this way, we are catering to the specific needs of patients and making their treatment journey easier.” To make their treatment journey a truly integrated experience for patients, Roche has partnered with Tata 1mg, which manages the entire Blue Tree programme, he added.

Vardhaman and IMS deliver medicines and other medical equipment to patients’ homes. This service is provided to patients by various service providers, which Tata 1mg for patients includes with itself.

Roche Pharma India has partnered with Mauri Tech, a leading smart tech solution provider, to develop this mobile app focused on patient needs. Many new features are planned to be added to this app in future, including version extension for HCP, Hospital and Distributor.


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