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Rishi Sunak in the shadow of Hindu politics?

I am a Hindu, ashamed-4: India’s top leadership informed the world from the Central Hall of Parliament House on 25 July 2022 that India still breathes in the 21st century in the politics of caste identity, poverty, region and tribal politics of religion. In the 75th nectar year of independence, India’s global drum is that look, we made tribal Draupadi Murmu as the President. And our anti-caste Dr. Vaidik quipped in the same column of ‘New India’ that look, in developed Canada, the Pope is apologizing to the tribals, while we made a tribal president. If someone asks the Dalit representative Ramnath Kovind who has just come out of the Rashtrapati Bhavan cage, leave aside the good of the country, in all the turmoil of the Dalit struggle, did a word of concern and ointment ever come out of his mouth? On any decision of the government during the tenure, change comma, fullstop with your conscience (don’t know whether it is there or not)?

Kovind is the first President in the history of independent India, whose Modi government has also made appearances on foreign trips of global courtesy. African, Caribbean countries, Bangladesh and perhaps even Vaidikji would not have known the country named ‘Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’, which the Modi government had given to the Dalit President. Diplomacy – Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Jaishankar did not get the Dalit President to visit in any global capital of the nation’s foreign policy. Nor did his visits get the same publicity as the Prime Minister’s visit. He didn’t even have a chance to have a press chief, PA, personal staff, secretary from his understanding. Such was not the case with KR Narayan, the first Dalit President.

I have strayed. But keep note that with Draupadi Murmu becoming the President, the role of Rashtrapati Bhavan will not be made to guide, inspire and answer or suggest to the government. Like Kovind, she will also go on a procession to a few African and meaningless countries. His leadership, his wisdom in the White House or in global capitals is not going to be revealed.

But for the ruling party the President being Dalit or Adivasi or Brahmin, Rajput or Muslim because it is useful for the votes of the country divided into caste and creed, then we show the world the tableau that such caste poor, Dalit, tribal, backward power. He is sitting on a chair. That is why, in her first speech in the Parliament House, the essence of Daupadri Murmu is accurate that – the poor, downtrodden, backward and tribals of the country are seeing their reflection in me… I belong to the tribal society.

It is evident that the truth of 75 years is that the Hindus have permanently and permanently intertwined their varna system, caste composition with the destiny of the nation of India. The supreme achievement (or perversion) of the Sangh Parivar and Narendra Modi’s rule is that they have created a new genetic forest of castes, from which there are only and only acacias, thorns, by fertilizing every nook and cranny of the caste system. In fact, in the religion of Hindus, for the king in the Hindu Raj system, because intelligence and ability have not been considered essential. Chanakya or Brahmin caste of sword-wielding Kshatriyas and backward kings was in the ashrams outside the city, whether it was medieval or modern times (in the education company of the British, for the post of educated President-Prime Minister like Dr. Rajendra Prasad , Dr. Radhakrishna, Nehru became an opportunity for the family) in Harvard-Oxford means that the country should lead a country with intelligence, knowledge-science, talent-capability and modern values, its need and understanding did not arise. Only then the definition of leadership in the democracy of India means that one who is the representative of the different castes of the crowd or the leader of the bulk votes, while the self-proclaimed owner of the seat of Mother India. No matter how much Bharat Mata may be robbed, how much she may be deceived, how much her children are oppressed and molested and live a frightening and hungry life, but the right to put moong on the chest of Mother India belongs to the lathdars of a particular caste!

This is not the case in civilized, democratic countries of the world where migrant Hindus are settled. Like in India, there is no idea of ​​the Conservative Party from Rishi Sunak that if he is made a leader, then he will get the votes of Indians. Or that making him the prime minister will bring glory to Britain’s democracy in the world, or that the global drumbeat of being an inclusive society will ring. Let them sit on the chair and we will run the rule.

No, Conservative Party MPs have liked Rishi Sunak, not because of the gruesome story of his family coming to Britain as a refugee, Rishi Sunak’s upbringing by his mother through petty jobs, but because of his intelligence and ability. Kamala Harris was elected in America on similar criterion. Leo Eric Varadkar (Marathi origin), who was the Prime Minister in Ireland, Anita Anand, Defense Minister in Canada, Priti Patel, the Gujarati Home Minister in Britain, etc. had the opportunity of his ability. In these civilized democratic countries, no leader after becoming Prime Minister or Vice President makes such a narrative, which we hear in India. Like Narendra Modi being backward in his identity, adopting the jokes of the poor selling tea and the tricks of religion-caste, region etc., it does not happen in any civilized democratic countries.

The question is, is the reality of present India a problem for the migrant Hindus or a matter of benefit? I believe troublesome. Take the example of Kamala Harris. Before he became the Vice President, there was enthusiasm among the Hindus in India, among the Brahmins that America became its Vice President. Then he distanced himself from the shadow of Modi, India and said – I am a South Asian of the black community. Rishi Sunak is also not doing any political maneuver like Indian style. Two days ago, for the first time, he was able to take media photos with his wife, daughters, in the town of Margaret Thatcher. He is debating rival Liz Truss with his ideas on ideas, ideology, customs, current crises (economic, refugee problem, China’s challenge). Competing on the basis of and based on their ability.

But as I wrote yesterday, among the grassroots workers of the Conservative Party, the Indian-origin candidate is under the shadow of Modi’s India. I am puzzled whether an inclusive country will reject it worrying whether handing over power to a Hindu will be safe or not? What will they do to the Conservative Party then? Will they behave according to party tradition, democratic values ​​or will take decisions as India’s democracy is going on? Can they handle the economy or will they be Indians like India’s demonetisation, GST, Kisan Bill, foreign policy?

The trouble for Rishi Sunak is that the British society is very aware and understanding of its media. Keeps the news of the world. Rishi Sunak’s ability is speaking, but whether the society’s white or Muslim, he has been knowing and understanding the news of the Modi government of India for the last eight years. I may be prejudiced to think this, but if Rishi Sunak vs Liz Truss was going on in Britain during the time of Dr. Manmohan Singh, then all the Conservative Party’s white-blacks and Muslims etc. would have fun considering Rishi Sunak as one hundred taka inclusive. Make him the Prime Minister.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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