India is the world’s largest open internet society that results in the empowerment of millions of youths. The digital India program has now become a movement that is empowering common Indians with the power of technology. The internet is a vast platform through which various professions such as digital marketing, social media account management and marketing, online brand promotions and many more are coming into the limelight. But for the success of these online businesses, a lot of potential and talent is the foremost requirement and one such prominent digital marketer is Rishabh Ghuliani.

Rishabh Ghuliani is a nineteen years old young entrepreneur and digital marketer who always remain consistent in his hard work and towards achieving higher goals. His childhood love for the internet and online platforms helped him in developing a successful digital marketing business.

As a result of his constant hard work and effort, he successfully started his digital marketing business at a very young age. He establishes his own digital marketing company, Digital Vicinity. Digital Vicinity is one of the prosperous digital marketing start-ups that provide enormous services to their clients. Services such as management of social networking sites, online promotions of brands, as well as also provide classes on how to develop a successful online business and on marketing strategies of online businesses. Various famous start celebrities too collaborated with him such as famous singer, Badshah. A news website name, ‘’ is too a result of his creative mind.

Rishabh with all these successes has proved to the world that nothing is impossible in this digitalized world. He is a true inspiration for millions of youths of our country. With his successes, he appears as a role model and motivates various people. His life and his struggles teach us a lot of lessons and teach us to never give up on our dreams. We wish him a lot more success in his future endeavours.

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