Review: GotChosen is a scam?

GotChosen an American short video platform which was recently launched in India has been called as a scam running online. According to our sources this app hired 2 people in India who were given the work to contact influencer marketing agencies and tell them to ask their influencers to signup and upload content on it, if selected they were going to pay a fixed monthly salary. But when all of the work was completed by agencies, they clear told that they are not going to pay as its against their policy and they don’t support fixed monthly salaray for creators. And told they will only provide monetisation revenue to the users.

This app is giving 2.5$ for 10k views, while adsense is giving 2.5$ For 2k views.

So it clearly seems they are cutting a high profit from creators revenue, so we suggest creators not to waste time on this app and rather build their own app or make their social media strong. As this app has only 1k Indian users and if they all will watch your videos you’ll hardly get 1$ a month.

According to our sources, On recent meeting with GotChosen founder on zoom they were telling agencies that their influencers will earn $10k a month. They only showed money to agencies and trapped them.

So according to us, using this app is a waste of time. Rather to use Tiki, Zili, Moj or Josh.

Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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