Relief to Rajesh Gulati in wife murder case

Nainital. Rajesh Gulati, who is serving life sentence in Dehradun’s famous Anupama Gulati murder case, has got some relief from the Uttarakhand High Court. Giving relief to Rajesh Gulati, the court has extended the short term bail by 21 days.

The hearing on the bail application presented by Rajesh Gulati was heard in the pair bench of Senior Justice Sanjay Kumar Mishra and Justice Alok Kumar Verma. It was told on behalf of the petitioner that he has undergone surgery and the doctors have advised him to take rest.

Rajesh Gulati, a software engineer by profession, brutally murdered his wife Anupama Gulati in Dehradun on October 17, 2010. The dead body was cut into 72 pieces and hid in the deep freezer. (talk)

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