Relief to people due to stagnation in petrol and diesel prices

New Delhi | Petrol/Diesel Price : Oil companies in the country did not increase the prices of petrol and diesel on Thursday, due to which the prices of fuel remained stable. On the other hand, the price of crude oil in the international market remains above $ 110 per barrel. Was announced. Whose garden petrol-diesel prices have fallen by at least Rs.9.5 and Rs.7. According to the notification of Indian Oil, the price of petrol in Delhi today is Rs 96.72 and diesel is Rs 89.62 per liter, while in Mumbai the price of petrol and diesel is Rs 111.35 and Rs 97.28 per liter respectively.

Crude oil prices continue to fluctuate…

Petrol/Diesel Price : The prices of crude oil continue to fluctuate in the international market. London Brent crude is up 0.41 percent today at $114.50 a barrel and US crude is up 0.53 percent at $110.92 a barrel. After the relief given by the central government, it is expected that along with the people, there will be relief in inflation. The figures of inflation shown before this were intimidating. In order to rein in the inflation, the cost of import duty on fuels was reduced by the Government of India.

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Prices are reviewed daily

Petrol/Diesel Price : Explain that the prices of petrol and diesel are reviewed daily. This is the reason why people first wake up in the morning and want to see if there has been any change in the prices of petrol and diesel. In such a situation, it has been a relief for the people that since the announcement of the Central Government, the oil companies have not made any change in the prices. Talking about the four big metros of the country, the prices of petrol / diesel have been as follows. Petrol in Delhi was 96.72 and Diesel 89.62, Kolkata Petrol 106.03 and 92.76, Mumbai Petrol 111.23 and Diesel 97.28, while Chennai Petrol 102.63 and Diesel 94.24 per litre.

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