Relief news: There are 33,946 active cases in the whole of UP, but only 383 people are admitted in the hospital. 1 News Track English

Lucknow: Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh has created an uproar in Uttar Pradesh. In view of the new variant ‘Omicron’, strictness is also being increased in the state. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also ordered to open private and government offices with 50 percent capacity. Also, if an employee is corona positive, then the company will also have to give him paid leave for 7 days.

Let us tell you that there are still 33,946 active cases in the entire state. At the same time, 8334 cases have been reported on Monday as well. Whereas, 335 people have recovered.

Only 383 people hospitalized in entire UP

The effect of the new variant of Kovid-19 (Omicron) has started showing in UP for the last 15 days. So far more than 33000 new cases have been seen. But the matter of relief is that the number of people admitted to hospitals is very less. Let us tell you that there are still 33,946 active cases in the state. But, 33,563 people are in home isolation in this. Only 383 people are admitted in hospitals.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath: Photo – Social Media

So far more than 33000 new cases have been found

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in UP. If we look at the figures of the last ten days, 33829 new cases have been reported. 383 on January 1, 552 on January 2, 572 on January 3, 992 on January 4, 2038 on January 5, 3121 on January 6, 4228 on January 7, 6411 on January 8, 7695 on January 9 and January 10 in the state. 8334 new cases have come to the fore.

• January 1st– 383

• January 2nd– 552

• January 3– 572

• January 4th– 992

• January 5th– 2038

• January 6– 3121

• January 7– 4228

• January 8– 6411

• January 9– 7695

• January 10th– 8334

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