Rebellious tone started rising in Uttarakhand Congress, many veteran leaders ready to leave the party!

Dehradun | Uttarakhand Congress Crisis: After the defeat of the Congress in the Uttarakhand assembly elections 2022 and the formation of the BJP government, there has been a ruckus in the party. Due to which many big changes have been made in the Congress party. However, due to these changes in the party, now the party has to face the opposite result. After this change in the organization, there has been an earthquake in the party and after the name of the new state president of the Congress, Leader of Opposition and Deputy Leader of Opposition, there are reports of infighting in the party allegedly starting.

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Congress MLA contemplating leaving the party
Uttarakhand Congress Crisis: It is worth mentioning that in the Uttarakhand Assembly elections, out of 70 seats, the BJP won 47 seats, while the Congress had to be satisfied with 19 seats. Now quoting sources, it is reported that many MLAs are angry about the change in the Congress organization. In such a situation, it is believed that about 10 Congress MLAs are considering leaving the party. The names of many leaders including Rajendra Bhandari, Harish Dhami, Mayukh Mehar, Khushal Singh, Manoj Tiwari, Madan Bisht, Mamta Rakesh, Vikram Negi are included in these angry MLAs and these leaders can say goodbye to Congress after a meeting.

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Leaders angry with the decision of the party high command
According to reports, all these leaders are said to be angry with the decision of the Congress Party High Command. Many leaders say that the workers are angry with the decision of such a change in the organization of the High Command. Significantly, since the defeat of the Congress in the assembly elections of five states, many veteran Congress leaders have pointed fingers at the party’s high command and even talked about leadership change.

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