Rana Lincoln Das: Manager, Actor, And Model. An All In One Personality

Rana Lincoln Das is actually a very sensational personality to ever exist. he owns up to his skills and faces challenges on a daily basis which are actually going to help him throughout his life. This young man has gone through a lot and continues to pursue even greater things, because obviously we can never stop at one.

Born on 5th of October, Lincoln was a very interested sports person, athlete being his top choice. He played cricket so well that he was even selected for playing in the state level at just 14 years of age. This could not be done for a long time because he had an injury which stopped him from continuing to play any further, restricting particular kinds of physical activities. Normally, a person would turn back and be very demotivated, just like he was back then. But quitting was never an option for him, he could not even imagine life being upsetting.

The next best thing that Lincoln could do was focus on whatever he had and make the best out of it, so he started to work harder on his educational background. He made sure to have a strong point and a hold on this. Actually, he has learned a lot of things from his father and his Grandfather that motivated him to do even better. Right now, he has a NLP, a physiotherapy training. He started his first job but soon had to quit because he had a better option of working in his grandfather’s company after he returned to finally settle down and begin from scratch in Goa. This job has brought great opportunities to him because he had the chance to work along with various people who add up to his experiences. The VIP workers were basically the celebrities from the Bollywood industry, and obviously he started to make some good connections. Soon enough, he was acting for a major movie, he had interested a Bollywood firm enough to actually include him in the movie. This was huge and soon he started to work in order to be a model too.

Mr Das Is obviously a very talented personality because apart from being a model and actor, he had worked hard to become a manager in his grandfather’s company. It must be very hectic but he managed his life just fine. He is now settled in goal and has a fantastic work life, but what about the personal life? He is actually pretty close to his family members, beginning from his cousins to his friends, he is a very well liked and admired person. After all, what’s not there to like? Soon, he hopes to rising in position and stay by his grandfather too, taking well care of him as well as his company.

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