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Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil accidentally opened the honeymoon video in front of paparazzi, the actress blushed seeing the bed decorated with flowers

Rakhi Sawant Video: Rakhi Sawant, who is called the drama queen of the Bollywood industry, is in the limelight these days because of the news of her marriage with her boyfriend Adil Khan. Rakhi Sawant has recently changed her religion and married Adil. Now meanwhile, a video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil did something like this, after which the actress became very ashamed.

Adil showed honeymoon video


Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan are very happy in their married life and remain in discussion on social media every day. Recently, Adil Khan opened up a video of Rakhi Sawant and their honeymoon, after which the actress blushed and said, “Kya kar rahe ho jaan?” It can be seen in this video that Adil has opened the video in the phone, in which a bed decorated with flowers is visible.

video was played by mistake

In fact, let us tell you that during a conversation with Paparaji, Rakhi Sawant told her husband Adil to show the phone she had gifted to him, on which Adil takes out the phone and plays a video and after playing the video, Adil shows the mobile in front of Paparazzi. Let’s rotate The honeymoon bed is visible in this video which is decorated with lots of flowers. Seeing this video, the actress blushed and said what are you doing. Let me tell you that this video from Adil Khan was opened by mistake.

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