Rajasthan: Membership of six MLAs who went from BSP to Congress is under threat, fled to Delhi

These MLAs who registered victory on BSP ticket include Wajib Ali, Sandeep Yadav, Lakhan Meena, Jogendra Awana, Deepchand Kheria and Rajendra Gudha. In 2019, he left the BSP and joined the Congress.

In Rajasthan, 6 MLAs who joined Congress from Bahujan Samaj Party are in danger of losing their assembly membership under the anti-defection law. In such a situation, all these MLAs have reached Delhi. Let us tell you that recently the Supreme Court had sent notices to these MLAs to give their final reply. Due to which all these MLAs have come to Delhi to consider legal remedies.

Among these MLAs, Wajib Ali, Sandeep Yadav, Lakhan Meena, Jogendra Awana, Deepchand Kheria and Rajendra Gudha had won the Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018 on BSP tickets. But in September 2019, all of them had joined the Congress. On this, both BSP and BJP have challenged their Congress merger in the Supreme Court.

Fear of losing membership in BSP MLAs: Rajendra Singh Gudha, who reached Delhi, says that, after getting the notice, we will meet Rahul Gandhi to save our membership and will also discuss legal remedies. Now neither home nor place will be left. On the other hand, Sandeep Yadav said that, we will meet everyone, Mayawati, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, whoever saves our membership, we will go to him.

However, amidst these reports, Jogendra Awana and Deepchand Kheria met CM Gehlot on Wednesday evening and said that he is with the Gehlot government. At the same time, seeing the threat to their assembly membership, the MLAs have made their intention clear that they will support whatever party helps in saving their membership.

Government will be safe The issue of membership of these MLAs remains a topic of discussion in Rajasthan these days. Although the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan will be safe even after losing their membership, but the pressure will definitely increase a bit. Actually, 101 MLAs are needed for majority in 200 assembly seats of the state. At present, the Congress has the support of a total of 122 MLAs.

On the other hand, even if the membership of 6 BSP MLAs is canceled, then the Gehlot government will have 116 MLAs, which will not cause any harm to the government. However, there will be pressure on the state government regarding the future.


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