Rajasthan: Lado was disrespected in front of mother, father also…

quota. Rajasthan Kota Rape Case : Increasing crime against women and children has become a matter of concern across the country. Once again a case of raping a minor girl has come to light from Kota, Rajasthan. The biggest surprise is that the victim has been raped before and at that time no one else but her own father had done this cruelty to her. The father is serving his sentence in jail. But the victim once again became a victim of this cruelty. According to the information received in the initial investigation, this time also the victim’s relatives have made her a victim of their lust. Taking action in this case, the police have arrested 2 people. The police hope that more people are involved in this. The police have expressed the apprehension that all this happened to the victim’s mother in front of her.

Rajasthan Kota Rape Case :
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Didn’t get along with parents

Rajasthan Kota Rape Case : Let us tell you that there was a dispute going on between the parents for a long time. The two did not get along at all, due to which she left her husband and came to Kota. Here the father left his daughter as well, after which the father established relations with his minor daughter several times. After the disclosure of this whole matter, the police arrested the accused father and now he is in jail. The couple had three children, out of which two have already been sent to the shelter home. After passing through the cruelty of the father, the child was handed over to the mother.

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The welfare committee had arrived with the daughter…

Rajasthan Kota Rape Case : The mother welfare committee had reached with the daughter. The mother said that she is not able to take care of her daughter, so she wants to leave her here. As soon as the member of the welfare committee started talking to the victim, she narrated her ordeal. Although the victim has been able to name only one accused, the police expect the number of accused to be at least four. In such a situation, the Kota Police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. The police is also interrogating the mother of the victim.

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