Rajasthan government waived off loans of 22 lakh farmers: Gehlot

Sawai madhopur. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has retaliated against the allegations of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders of going against the promise of the Congress government in the state by not waiving the loans of the farmers, saying that the state government will provide Rs 14,000 crore to 22 lakh farmers in the state. The loan has been forgiven. Gehlot said this while addressing a public meeting at Udei Mor on the occasion of foundation stone laying and inauguration of various development works at Gangapur City in Sawaimadhopur district today.

He said that our government is the government of the people and we are fulfilling all the promises, we have waived off the loans of the farmers and the loans of 22 lakh people in the state worth Rs. 14 thousand crores. These people keep saying that the loan has not been waived, whereas we have a register in which it is mentioned that how much loan has been waived in every village. He said that central banks are not cooperating for loan waiver and for this Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also urged that when loans of five thousand, eight thousand crores of industrialists can be waived, then why can’t it be for the poor. , the poor have only one lakh, two lakh and three lakh etc.

The Chief Minister said that the BJP people are taking out a public protest rally against us, while there is a huge inflation in the country, which is the biggest issue and has broken the back of the people, unemployment is increasing and investors are not coming and going out of the country. . He said that what happened to his promise of providing employment to two crore people, whereas, under the target of the Congress government to provide jobs to three and a half lakh people in the state, one lakh 35 thousand have been given jobs and one lakh 25 thousand jobs have been filled. The process is going on and one lakh has been announced in the budget. Hardly any state would get so many jobs.

Gehlot said that he came after the Gujarat elections where people are complaining and there are no jobs, while in Rajasthan, MoUs worth about 11 lakh crores have been signed under Invest Rajasthan and the state government is working to provide employment to people in the private sector. Making all efforts. He said that separate plans have been made for farmers and women and now the next budget will come, appealed to the people of the state to give suggestions, youth can give suggestions, I want what will be done for youth, girl students and children in the next budget. Can do, that is our thinking.

Expressing happiness, he said that it is our intention to provide sensitive and transparent governance in the state and so far suggestions of 40 lakh people have been received for the budget. He said that there is no shortage in any area like water, electricity, health and roads in the state and this time the rains have been good and sowing has also increased, due to which there may be some problem of electricity.

He said that farmers are not getting fertilizers, pressure is being maintained on the Center that fertilizers should be supplied to the farmers. Assuring the people, he said that the next budget is coming in the next two-three months, be sure, everyone will be taken care of. The Chief Minister said that the state government did not lack any work in the state and there was all-round development, due to which there was no wave against the government this time. We want the government to repeat, a new government comes, it does negative work and stops all our work. If the government repeats, it is promised that this time there will be no shortage with even more wonderful plans through the budget.

He said that work is being done with the dream of making Rajasthan a leading state. He thanked the local people that they gave victory to Ramkesh Meena and saved our government, saving the government is a big thing, the way BJP conspired and took 19 MLAs to Manesar, we stayed in hotels for 34 days. Their conspiracy was successful in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and conspired in Rajasthan as well, but they did not succeed in Rajasthan, because the people of the state were with me and they had to face the consequences.

He said that where is democracy going, if someone wins the election, someone rules, this is not a democracy. These people are trying to kill democracy. There is a need to understand this. The Chief Minister said that the ministers from Rajasthan are sitting in Delhi, but they have nothing to do with Rajasthan. Twenty-five MPs have become from Rajasthan, they also have nothing to do with the state. That’s why this time the Congress government has to be brought back in the state.

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