Rajasthan Film Promotion Policy 2022 approved

Film Tourism Promotion Policy: On Wednesday, a meeting of the Ashok Gehlot cabinet was held, which took many important decisions. The Gehlot cabinet has approved the Rajasthan Film Tourism Promotion Policy 2022. This will help in developing Rajasthan as a film destination.

long wish come true

Rajasthan has been a great location for film shooting since its inception. The forts, palaces and buildings here have attracted directors and artists from the very beginning. But in the absence of such a policy, better opportunities could not be explored. In such a situation, now the Gehlot government has fulfilled a long-time wish by getting this policy approved by the cabinet.

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it will benefit

Film Tourism Promotion Policy: With the implementation of Rajasthan Film Promotion Policy 2022, new employment opportunities will emerge. Film shooting will get more impetus in the state. Employment will be created in various sectors related to films. At the same time, this will encourage the preservation of art and culture. Through films, the tourist places of Rajasthan will be promoted in the country and the world, apart from this the talent of Rajasthan will get a platform.

Source – AISLAC

Revolutionary change can come in the field of tourism

Film Tourism Promotion Policy: After the proper implementation of the film promotion policy, the tourism sector will benefit the most. To promote tourism in Rajasthan, the government has already made a tourism policy. In such a situation, if the film promotion policy is also implemented properly, then tourism will have a double benefit because through films, along with the fort, palace buildings of Rajasthan, the cultural heritage here can be better displayed at a large scale. .

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