Rajasthan: CM Gehlot lashed out at BJP again – BJP is spoiling the atmosphere in the state…

Jaipur | Rajasthan Jodhpur Violence : Ahead of the assembly elections in Rajasthan, the state is once again burning with communal violence. Congress and BJP are blaming each other behind these matters. In such a situation, once again the CM of the state, Ashok Gehlot has accused the BJP of trying to spoil the atmosphere in the state. He has said that BJP has a target in the entire country, it is Rajasthan and that is why they are instigating riots. CM Gehlot, who arrived here today to take stock of the preparations for the Congress Chintan Shivir, said the above things while interacting with the media at the airport. He said that there will be no compromise with violence. Strict action will be taken against the culprits.

instructions from high command

Rajasthan Jodhpur Violence : CM Haglot said that BJP is nervous. The leaders in the state have been instructed by the high command to defame the Rajasthan government as much as you can and do as much instability as you can. He said that BJP has become the chief ministerial candidate in the state, there is competition among them and homework has been given to them. That’s why these people are dragging while there was peace in Karoli soon but they are running. The Chief Minister said that the Rajgarh incident was of the BJP’s own, that in the Jodhpur incident, the Union Ministers and former ministers all went north. Alleging that they get messages, how to campaign against them.

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we didn’t let riots happen

Rajasthan Jodhpur Violence : Mr. Gehlot said that I had already said that his JP Nadda has come to set fire, Mr. Nadda came and the fire broke out inside Karauli, there is a BJP board in Rajgarh municipality and 34 out of 35 councilors belong to BJP and need to widen the road. The resolution was passed and the Congress is being maligned. He said that what happened in Jodhpur yesterday was not an issue where there was a situation of rioting. This is why we did not allow riots to happen anywhere, neither in Karauli, nor in Rajgarh, nor in Jodhpur, that is why there was no casualty, no major incident. Otherwise, you know what happens when Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place, what are the situations inside the country.

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