Rajasthan: CM Gehlot did not spare anyone, asked for Nadda – PM Modi if he comes here to set fire…

Jaipur | Karauli Violence Rajasthan : In Karauli district, more than 27 people have been reported injured in the violence over stone pelting at a bike rally. Here, BJP National President JP Nadda is on a Rajasthan tour. In such a situation, the Chief Minister of the state Ashok Gehlot has raised questions about the visit of JP Nadda and has launched a big attack. CM Gehlot has said that they come to Rajasthan only to set fire. They have set fire to the whole country, such a dangerous environment is going on, but even after this they do not understand. Further Singh Gehlot said that these people are openly flouting the Constitution. We all are proud to be Hindu, are we not Hindu Mahatma Gandhi also said that I am proud to be a Hindu. Everyone should follow their own religion and respect the religion of others but these people sow the seeds of hatred.

PM Modi should criticize

Karauli Violence Rajasthan : CM Gehlot said that the way he has done abominable work, PM Modi should come forward. The CM said that Prime Minister Modi should go ahead and criticize this violence so that the rule of law can be established. CM Gehlot said that the law does not work in the house and according to the caste. If anyone does anti social work then he should be punished whether he is Hindu or Muslim. The CM said that the rioter never gets hurt, so those poor and innocent people who are victims of conspiracy.

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Congress will not be free country

Karauli Violence Rajasthan : CM Gehlot said that Congress is the oldest party in the country. In such a situation, BJP people say that they want to make the country Congress-free, but it is completely impossible. He also fell to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said that if PM Modi and Shah say that the Indian government will not tolerate violence, then they will give half in the country, then it will be closed like this. But he will not say so because this is how his shops run.

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