Railway earned by removing the discount given in the passenger fare, the loss reached 38 crores from 2059 crores

Railway Revenue: There has been news of less damage being done to the Indian Railways. Due to suspension of concession in passenger fares by the Railways, the loss due to these exemptions has come down to Rs 38 crore during 2020-21. In the previous financial year, this loss was Rs 2059 crore. In fact, during the corona virus epidemic, the Indian Railways suspended the discount in passenger fares. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has given this information in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha.

Rebate being given in fares is affecting the operational cost of railways
The Railway Minister also said that considerable discounts are being given in rail fares and the revenue coming from this is less than the operational cost or operational cost of Indian Railways. According to the minister, the loss due to concession in fares in the financial year 2019-20 was Rs 2059 crore. Due to suspension of various exemptions during the Corona epidemic, the loss came down to Rs 38 crore in the last financial year.

Senior Citizens Concession was also over
In fact, after the start of the corona epidemic, in March 2020, the central government suspended the concession or fare exemption given to the elderly to travel in the train, which is still in force. An RTI was filed regarding this, in response to which information was given by the government that after the corona epidemic, about four crore senior citizens traveling by rail had to pay the full fare for their journey. Indian Railways said under this information that between March 22, 2020 to September 2021, three crore 78 lakh 50 thousand 668 (3,78,50,668) senior citizens traveled in trains for different parts of the country.

There was a lot of criticism of this move of the government
Let us tell you that the railways was also criticized for abolishing the exemption and other types of exemptions including senior citizens, but the railways did not restore these concessions. Now that the Railway Minister has given this information that the loss of more than 2000 crores has come down to 38 crores, then anyway the government will have the mind to start these exemptions again, it is not so.

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