Rahul Gandhi is not ready to accept, said on Congress President – this is an ideology post

Rahul said that the post of Congress President is not the post of any party or organization but it is an ideology.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi They are engaged in finding the party’s land through the ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra. In such party president election is going to be held. While talking in a press conference, Rahul made it clear that at the moment his focus is on this journey. He said that the post of Congress President is not the post of any party or organization but it is an ideology. Rahul said that we want a stress-free India and are constantly fighting the wrong policies of the central government.

He said that we are fighting against the government which misuses the central agencies. During this, the ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra is reaching people and knowing their pain. We hope that this journey across India will be successful. He said that the people of our country do not like hatred and at present the policies of the central government are attacking our way of living.

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Rahul said in the press conference, ‘The success of the Yatra is based on certain considerations. Some points in these thoughts are – India is united, not in internal war, not angry with loved ones, not full of hatred. The visit is being appreciated and appreciated by most of the Indians. There are two other issues that are part of this journey. The first of these is the level of unemployment. Due to which the youth of the country is very upset today. The other issue is inflation. Due to which the lower class and middle class of the country are very upset.

Our fight is with money people: Rahul

“We are fighting a machine that has taken over the institutional structure of India. He has a lot of money with which he can intimidate people and create pressure. The results are what we have seen in Goa. Rahul said, ‘The purpose of the yatra is to ask people to stand united again, and make our sweet and affectionate India again.’

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Let us inform that today the election committee of Congress has released the schedule for the election of the party president. In such a situation, two big names are coming out which can become a big face during the party elections. These include Shashi Tharoor and Ashok Gehlot. Although Manish Tiwari can also take part in this race. The name of the new president of the party will be released on October 19.


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