Rahnuma Khan: Her Journey from Makeup Artist to Social Media Influencer and Social Activist

Many times we hear that women are a weak part of society, but the truth is that women are more powerful than men, because they are capable of playing many roles simultaneously. The perfect example to justify this sentence is Rahnuma Khan, as she plays amazingly many roles – be it that of a housewife, a mother, a makeup artist, a social worker or a social media influencer |

Rahnuma Khan is a simple yet beautiful woman from Mumbai

Rahnuma Khan is a simple yet beautiful woman from Mumbai who is followed by a fan base as large as 207K people on her Instagram account. She is a make up artist by profession and is the creator of Khushi Whitening Cream which helps people to enhance their complexion from dark to fair. The best part is that this cream is available for both men and women and is available in two variants – for face and for body.

Was attracted to makeup and makeup products

From a young age, Prihnuma was attracted towards makeup and makeup products and decided to start a business of her choice which was definitely a very good decision. While doing the makeup of other girls, they came to know that most of them had skin problems, but there was no such makeup product in the market which could help them, because all the branded makeup products only hide such problems and never apply on them. Didn’t even treat Prahanuma was not in the mood to let it go like this and he started working hard to create a product which not only has the ability to improve the complexion, but also has the ability to treat skin problems. After many unsuccessful attempts, he got success when he created a cream that made a dark person fair and also cured problems like dark spots, blackheads, pimples, wrinkles and signs of age. They named it Khushi Whitening Cream and today this cream is ruling the makeup industry. Bulky business experts say that the way beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain ruled in the past, in the same way Rahnuma Khan is going to rule the world of makeup.

Rahnuma is a big fan of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Rahnuma is a big fan of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and she is also a fan of her fashion sense. People close to her say that there are many similarities between this young make-up artist Rahnum from Mumbai and this actress. Prahnuma uses her Instagram account to post videos on makeup tricks, these videos are very simple and easy to do. Along with this, she also gives her personal and business updates to her followers. People like her fashion and dressing sense very much and people like the way she keeps herself beautiful by using nose pins (nathni) and other accessories.

Despite being a very busy professional, Rahnuma Khan also takes makeup sessions for her students and teaches them free of cost. These students are from the deprived sections of the society and also include women abandoned by the family. They also use their social media popularity for small enterprises after just testing their veracity without charging any fees. He also did a lot of service work during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped the needy people.

Rahnuma Khan has also received many awards and recognitions, including the Women’s Ikanza Award 2022 which was given to her for a unique make-up artist and entrepreneur (mother). Namaste Bahrain in partnership with the Global PR Distribution Network was given to him by Times Uploaded.

If you want to look beautiful and want the complexion you want and get rid of skin problems, then you should follow Rahnuma Khan on Instagram (@makeupbyrehnumakhan).

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